[WTS] 30 Level Lol accounts in cheap prices

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    Simple stuff. 30 Level account on EUNE 32 champions owned, a few runes and 2-4 on ranked games (almost clean) 715 RP / 2078 IP 10 Euros pp or psc 30 LvL account on EUNE 27 Champions NOT OWNED Season 2 Gold banner and icon + silver 3 tirer icons 900 wins normals 1442 top elo S3 8 Rune Pages All the necessary runes 4377 ip Skins: Crimson akali Unchained Ali Emumu Minuteman Gangplank Octoberfest Gragas Nightblade Irelia Vicrtorious Janna Deep One Kassa Red Riding Annie Sandstorm Katarina Judgment Kayle Seriff Cait Prestigious LeBlanc Vizier Malzahar Totemic Maokai Waterloo Miss Fortune French Maid Nidalee Sewn Chaos Orianna Professor Ryze Badger Teemo Leprechaun Veigar Sasquatch Nunu Price 25 e pp or 30 e psc
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.