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    Hello, Up for sale I have 3 very basic Eve accounts. each account has between 1.25m and 2m SP so they are very fresh. There is a total of about 130m ISK between the accounts. Account 1: Miner. Flys a retriever, can use T2 strip miners and a good variety of crystals. It is 13 days from flying a hulk. Character has a few random BPO's (rifter, cargo optimization rigs, warhead catalyst rigs ect). Can also fly caldari BC and BS. Has a near set of +3 implants. Has about 44m ISK on him plus another 3 or 4m on other toons. Learning skills at 4 (basic and advanced) Account 2: Hauler. This account is mainly for hauling account 1's ore. Flys a Badger MK II with 19.3k m3 of storage. Has 83m ISK and another 5 or so on other accounts. Learning skills at 4 (basic and advanced) Account 3: PVE. This account is the one I am least expierence with. It currently flys a drake fitted for 0.0 ratting. It can also fly caldari BS. Has many +3 implants and not much isk..maybe 3m. another 3-4m is spread thru other toons. Since these accounts are rather fresh, the price is pretty low. asking $25 per account, or 60 for all 3. Or, if you buy account one, you can buy account two for $15. Any questions please email me at [email protected] or PM me on here. Thanks, Jack
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