WTS: 3 eve online accounts 54mil 73.5mil PVE/PVP and 8mil indy

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    These three accounts are great but I will be out of the country for quiet some time soon and won't be able to play. If needed I can just put them on the back burner and come back to it otherwise someone else can get a chance to play on it. I will check online here everyonce in a while suggested you just email me at [email protected] For serious buyers I will provide api info before hand and any info you might need as well as screenshots as needed. 54,009,811 points for 187 skills. Strong PVP/PVE caldari pilot. 400 USD First is a mean little tengu/golem pilot. For PVE this pilot can race through 10/10s or any anom in null sec in a tengu or ratting sites with a golem. Character is trained on caldari dreads as well as able to fly a freighter. Trained to lvl 4 on capital hybrid turrets and citadel cruise lvl 4 which should be good come the winter update. Account has a very strong mostly faction fit tengu on it which will be included possitive sec status around 3 or so now and a wallet at about 320mil. Can move to a location in high or low sec of chosing. 1 set low grade crystal. As well as several low grade clones. Fives- Corporation Management-3 skills 146,000 points Drones-13 skills 1,540,000 Drones Scout Drone Operation Electronics-17 skills 4.570,000 Cloaking Electronics Electronics Upgrades Long Range Targeting Survey Engineering-17 skills 5,400,000 points Energy Grid Upgrades Energy Management Energy Systems Operation Engineering Shield Compensation Shield Management Shield Operation Shield upgrades Tactical Shield Manipulation Gunnery-16 skills 6,330,000 points Advanced Weapon Upgrades Gunnery Large Hybrid Turrent Medium Hybrid Turret Small Hybrid Turret Weapon Upgrades Industry-7 skills 553,000 points Inustry Mining Leadership-7 skills 642,000 points Leadership Mechanic-16 skills 1,500,000 points Hull Upgrades Mechanic Remote Armor Repair Systems Missile Launcher Operation- 24 skills 9,300,000 points Cruise Missiles Heavy Assault Missiles Heavy Missiles Missile Bombardment Missile Launcher Operation Rapid Launch Rockets Standard Missiles Target Navigation Prediction Torpedoes Navigation- 10 skills 4,000,000 points Evasive Maneuvering Jummp Drive Operation Navigation Warp Drive Operation Science- 15 skills, 4.700,000 points Archaeology Astrometrics Cybernetics Hacking Science Social- 6 skills 110,000 points Spaceship Command 25 skills 14,300,000 Advanced Spaceship Command Battlecruisers Caldari Battleship Caldari Cruiser Caldari Frigate of note caldari Dread lvl 4 of note caldari Freighterlvl1 Caldari Frigate Caldari Industrial Destroyers Marauders( yup marauders 5 mean caldari pilot ) Spaceship Command Subsystems- 5 skills, 860,000 points Caldari Defensive Systems Caldari Offensive Systems Caldari Propulsion Systems Trade 6 skills 94,000 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 73,533,752 skill point of 201 skills Well rounded pilot. Sec status 5 wallet of 1.63 bil Ships include archon fitted carrier with full compliment of fighters, Tengu, faction fit navy apoc, several t2 ships as well as load of assets in hubs. This pilot is a beast in most any fleet logi 4 allows you to fit out most logis ships. Damn near god mode in a huricane. 550 USD Corporation Management- 1 skill 24,000 points Drones- 15 skills 7,871,000 points Combat Drone Operation Drone Interfacing Drones Fighters Heavy Drone Operation Scout Drone Operation Electronics 17 Skills 4,100,000 points Electronics Electronics upgrades Propulsion Jamming Signature Analysis Survey Targeting Engineering 16 skills 4,600,000 points Energy Grid Upgrades Energy Management Energy Systems Operation Engineering Shield Compensation Shield Emission Systems Shield Management Shield Operation Gunnery 30 Skills 15,292,000 points Advanced Weapon Upgrades Controlled Bursts Gunnery Large Energy Turret Large Pulse Laser Specialization Medium Energy Turret Medium Hybryd Turret Medium Projectile turret Motion Prediction Rapid Firing Sharpshooter Small Energy Turret Small Hybrid Turret Small Projectile Turret Surgical Strike Trajectory Analysis Weapon Upgrades Industry- 4 skills 306,000 points Industry Leadership 3 skills 530,000 points Leadership Mechanic 19 skills 6.166,000 points EM Armor Compensation Explosive Armor COmpensation Hull Upgrades Kinetic Armor Compensation Mechanic Remote Armor Repair Systems Repair Systems Thermic Armor Compensation Missile Launcher Operation 17 skills 4,134,000 points Heavy Assault Missiles Heavy Missiles Missile Bombardment Missile Launcher Operation Rockets Navigation 10 skills 5,336,000 points Evasive Maneuvering Jump Drive Calibration Jump Drive Operation Navigation Warp Drive Operation Planet Management 3 skills 221,000 points Science 23 Skills 2,574,000 points Cybernetics Laboratory Operation Science Social 5 skills 261,000 points Spaceship Command 31 skills 21,808,000 points Advanced Spaceship Command Amarr Battleship of note Amarr Carrier lvl 4 Amarr Cruiser Amarr Frigate Amarr Industrial Battlecruisers Caldari Cruiser Caldari Frigate Destroyers Gallente Cruisers Gallente Frigate Heavy Assault Ships Minmatar Cruiser Minmatar Frigate Recon Ships Spaceship Command Subsystems 5 skills 6,500,000 points Caldari Offensive Systems Caldari Propulsion Systems Trade- 2 skills 50,000 points --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The last is a young indy I started. 8,042,281 for 68 skills. Has a Mackinaw and hulk great ice mining skills for fueling our poses. Possitive sec status. Born on date is March of 2011 not much too it can mine basic mins well at lvl 4 can quickly get t2 crystals for whatever other stuff you wanna mine. Ice skills basically maxed out. Can fly amarr transport ships at lvl 2 quick train to amarr freighter. 80 USD Drones 7 skills 522,000 points Drones Electronics- 7 skills 814,000 points Electronics Engineering- 4 skills 551,000 points Engineering Shield Operation Gunnery- 5 skills 20,000 points Industry- 11 skills 2,300,000 points Ice Harvesting Inudstry Mining Mining Upgrades Refining Mechanic 7 skills 40,000 points Navigation 4 skills 64,000 points Planet Management 1 skill 1,415 points Science- 5 skills 973,000 points Social- 2 skills 1,900 points Spaceship Command 9 skills 2,700,000 points Amarr Industrial Mining Barge Spaceship command Trade- 6 skills 50,000 points
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