WTS 3 EVE Online Accounts (100mio/50mio/35mio SP)

Discussion in 'Eve Online Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by EVE, 9/26/13.

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    Hallo everyone, i`d like to sell my three eve online accounts. The first one is an Amarr Pilot, who has almost 100mio SP. Highlights: He can Fly Avatar, Aeion, Archon (Amarr Carrier 5!) and Revelation. Minmatar/Amarr/Gallente/Caldari Cruiser 5, and Minmatar/Amarr/Gallente BS 5. He can fly every subcap expect caldari BS. JDC 5 and Jumpfrighter rdy. All three turret weapons t2 rdy and all gunnery support skills at 5. Loki subs 5 and tengy subs 4. Recons/HACs 5. Commandship rdy. the Char has a positive wallent and positiv sec status. He can also fly through every Empire factions space. On the same account there is an other Amarr pilot with 24mio SP. Amarr Cruiser 5, HIC 5 and Graviton Physics 5, perfect Bubler! Perfect Support Skills. I`am looking for about 700 Dollars for this one 50mio SP Account: Minmatar Combat Carrier, Minma/Gallente Cruiser and BS 5, perfect gunnery support skills, jdc 5, can use lvl 5 imps, and Cmmand Ship rdy (BC 5) + Loki Subs lvl 5 350 Dollars 35mio SP Account: Nyx (holding) Char: Fighters 5, JDC 5, Gallente Carrier 5, very good drone support skills with t2 sentrys (awesome pve char if you want to rat with carrier or use an ishtar). very good support skills 250 dollars Contact me via PM for any aditional information and negotiations. cheers, stranac
Thread Status:
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