WTS: 3 EVE Accounts PVP,PVE,Hauler/Refiner/Market

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    WTS 3 EVE Accounts PVP,PVE,Hauler/Refiner/Market Been playing on and off since Eve went commercial. I keep getting sick of the game and turning off my accounts. Now I want a shiny new motorcycle and need some help with the down payment. The 3 main characters are all in the same corp with a few other alts on the accounts. Corp is private so CEO/Directorship is all in these 3 accounts. Corp wallet has about 4.5b in it currently and there might be close to a bil in assets floating around. Corp has no bills, POS's or assets other than the liquid isk in the wallet. PVE toon has 40ish mil skillpoints and a High Grade Crystal set plugged in, Golem/Paladin/Nightmare skilled pilot currently flying a very capable Tengu. He has access to MANY L4 agents and some L5 agents. PVP toon has a sec status of -2.2, has 73ish mil skillpoints has a +5 clone as well as a High Grade Slave clone. Has Gallente BS, Gal/Amarr/Minmatar Cruiser, Gal/Amarr Frig, HAC, Ceptor, AF, Recon, Command Ships, Cov Ops ALL @ LVL5 ALSO Alt characters on the account have started training for R&D farming and I've started grinding the required standings on a few. If the standings grind and skilling were to be completed on all 6 alt character slots + the PVE character could net over a billion isk per month income from datacores. Skill list for the 3 main characters? Sure here you go! Skills list from eveboard I only want to let them go as a package deal as I plan to play here and there till they sell. No other character/account info will be given after the money is on it way out of my paypal. Serious offers only pls ---------- Post added 05-04-2011 at 08:13 PM ---------- forum wont let me edit my post... typing fail Originally Posted by ducatifund2011 No other character/account info will be given until after the money is on it way out of my paypal.
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