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    Hey, i´m selling all my ao acounts. 1. My Main Account Account was created in 2002 so full Veteran Points roughly 500 FC Points All Chars are Clan, never played omni! - 220/20/50 Trox Trader Mix of 300ish Sharpshooter and Scouts Couple Beta, 1 Alpha rest Intelligent Symbs Close to every buff item ingame Highest Token Board Trader was often played with Ranged Energy, has some rare Full Auto switch weapons. Also has standard trader weaponary (silverback, xan etc) Was mainly played for PvP, has Pistol, Shotgun, Aimed Shot, Burst, Full Auto maxed and enough Ranged Energy to equip Dreadloch Rapier Also still has some reset points available. - 201 Agent, Really good Equiped for it´s level, some Combined Parts, Has the best Enforcer Nanos, Doc CH and LE, NT Buffs, Fixer GSF and Trader Drains - 207 Adventurer, Moderate Equip, some Combined Parts, Full Auto pistol - 210 MA, Moderate Equip - 160ish Doc Twink , Full Scouts pimped to Evades with Rifle - 175ish Fixer Twink, GA4 Fixer - 150ish NT was mainly used for Kiting The Account has been played for over 10 years and is full of stuff. Nearly every char has it´s bank filled with stuff, worthy and unworthy. The account has dozens of symbiants , some mid to high level supple´s Whole account should have approx 100-200 million credits and items worth a lot more 2. Account . Rather Old, too like from 2003 only one char 220/10/30 Omni Fixer. Nothing special on this one...couple of good items all garden and sanctum keys etc. Not played for a long time 3. Account just a couple of low level twinks I´d also consider selling my whole Funcom Account (all 3 AO Accounts, AOC with all char slots filled(lowest 50 highest 76), TSW Pro Account (Bought on release day)) You can make any offer for the AO Accounts. I´ll take payment via Paypal Buyout for Funcom Master account is 300 USD // 280€ I´d also consider a WildStar beta account + xx USD/€ - - - Updated - - - Have to add something: - Just reopened account -> 1 MOnth free time - while looking through all the inventories i found items worth 3-4 billion credits - alone 12-15 Combined Parts (200-300 QL)
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