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    So I want to sell my Eve Online stuff, havent played for quite some time now and Im ready to move on to other things.
    I want to sell my 3 accounts, and these come as a package, so anyone thats interested in buying only 1 account, sorry.
    But I want to get rid of everything at once.

    Account 1

    Main character (PvP-character)
    ~85 mill SP
    Fly all subcap ships
    ~7-10 bill in ships
    ~1b liquid ISK
    Jump drive cal V
    Triage Thanny/Archon
    Siege Moros/Rev

    Account 2

    Main Character (Scout, Prober, Titan-ready)
    37mill SP
    2004 character
    Erebus ready (Lack titan skill)

    Account 3

    Main character (trader)
    Perfect trader
    11b in liquid isk
    probably the same amount in stock, in form of carriers, freighters and subcaps

    I havent put a price on this yet, so im willing to see some bids. I want to sell this off quickly so if its a fair bid I'm going to consider it.
    I will accept paypal.
    Initial contact will be on PM, if the bid is fair we can move on to instant messaging to make communication more fluent if you got questions.

    If you decide you want to buy this. Once payment is done and I can confirm it, you will recieve the login information for the three accounts.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.