WTS 3 80s DECKED To the TEETH 600$+ Serious Offers Only SHADOW'S EDGE WARR

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    I'm looking to sell my account with 3 level 80s on it. An Orc Male Fury Warrior: Bonkbonkbonk A human female Death Knight: Piixisdix A draenei female Shaman: Sashafierce Just a quick overview of achievements and feats of strength for all the characters. I will also provide an armory link for each as proof. Bonkbonkbonk of Blackrock Bonkbonkbonk, the Fury Warrior, is a character I have had since Vanilla. Because of this he has various old-school achievements and titles such as Knight-Captain/Legionnaire . He is the most geared of my characters because of his Shadow's Edge :)//wowhead/?item=49888). Yes this is indeed the weapon you need in order to acquire the legendary axe Shadowmourne. All you need to do in order to complete the quest is complete ICC 25 Regular Mode. I did the hard part in acquiring the Bloods and Saronites [​IMG]. This character is by far one of the most geared Fury Warriors on the Blackrock Server (3rd best server in the US progression wise). He is only one achievement away from the 310% Speed Rusted Proto Drake mount from 10 Ulduar :)//wowhead/?item=45802). On top of all these novelties, he has the Starcaller Title as well from 10 man Algalon, exalted with Ashen Verdict (Yielding the exalted reputation ring : ://wowhead/?item=50402), and also has the Knight-Captain/Legionnaire title from Vanilla PvP Rankings, and for all you pet lovers he has the cute Perky Pug from the Looking For Multitudes achievement. He also has the 10 Trial of the Grand Crusder Tribute to Insanity Achievement. He's had this achievement for a while now. Bonkbonkbonk also has over 400+ Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting for the extra sockets and improved gems. These are the best professions for PvE as a Warrior hands down. Proof of Feats of Strength: ://wowarmory/character-a...n=Klondike+Bar General Armory Link to Profile: ://wowarmory/character-s...n=Klondike+Bar Armory link to Achievements: ://wowarmory/character-a...n=Klondike+Bar Statistics Armory Link: ://wowarmory/character-s...n=Klondike+Bar Piixisdix of Korgath Piixisdix, the human Female Death-Knight, Has Conqueror of Naxxramas and The Magic Seeker titles. These are Server First Titles for being in the 25 man raid groups that killed Malygos and Kel'Thuzad first before anyone else on the server did. I played her frequently, gaining achievements such as 4/5 25 ToGC, 10 ToGC (Insanity back when it was hard during EARLY October LATE September) and Of the Nightfall/Twilight Vanquisher. I was also privileged enough to acquire the Swift Alliance Steed out of 10 ToGC Insanity Chest :)//wowhead/?item=49044) . She also has 450 Jewelcrafting and 426 Engineering. Which is just high enough to acquire all the "fun" trinkets of engineering such as parachute cloaks, rocket gloves, rocket boots, and the auction house in Dalaran. On her statistics page you can find that she has reached 2.2k in Arenas as well reaching and acquiring the "Duelist" title in the 2v2 bracket (bragging rights!). Because she is a Death Knight her BC and Vanilla achievements are non-existant. Proof of Feats of Strength: ://wowarmory/character-a...p;cn=Piixisdix General Armory Link to Profile: ://wowarmory/character-s...p;cn=Piixisdix Armory link to Achievements: ://wowarmory/character-a...p;cn=Piixisdix Statistics Armory Link: ://wowarmory/character-s...p;cn=Piixisdix Sashafierce of Korgath My third and final 80 is my elemental/enhancement shaman Sashafierce. I have played her since Vanilla; faction changing and server transferring to around 6 servers and 4 faction changes. She is a very well rounded character. I have many achievements from Burning Crusade such as Archimonde/Black Temple and the Champion of the Naaru title as well! I did indeed play her during Vanilla but hit 60 while all the blood elfs first started popping up so I wasn't able to get any sort of achievements credited for that. During WOTLK I played her frequently, gaining achievements such as 4/5 25 ToGC, 10 ToGC (Insanity) and Of the Nightfall/Twilight Vanquisher. She also has 450 Inscriptioning and 422 Enchanting, yielding great shoulder and ring enchants as well as the ability to enchant gear and make cards for Nobles Decks (Great Money). She is also one achievement away (Firefighter 10 man) from acquiring the Rusted Proto Drake (310% Flying Speed Mount from 10 Ulduar Glory of the Ulduar Raider:://wowhead/?item=45802). She has great gear for both Elemental and Enhancement DPS specs and is able to pull amazing DPS in both circumstances. Proof of Feats of Strength: ://wowarmory/character-a...cn=Sashafierce General Armory link to Profile: ://wowarmory/character-s...cn=Sashafierce Armory link to Achievements: ://wowarmory/character-a...cn=Sashafierce Statistics Armory Link: ://wowarmory/character-s...cn=Sashafierce Every character I have posted about in this thread has at least 500-1500 Gold for spending as well as many triumph badges. The only character that does not have many triumph badges is Bonkbonkbonk. They all have their faction change, sex change, race change, and character transfers up as well. In order for me to take your post seriously, you will need to reply to this post in order to bump it and send me a PM. I am the Original Owner of this account. Again this is for SERIOUS OFFERS ONLY 600$ AND ABOVE. Please private message me if you have ANY questions or concerns. Payment would be through paypal and I would require a phone call in order to verify you are who you say you are. Email at [email protected]
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