WTS: 2x Eve accounts (PVP oriented char + market/golem pilot)

Discussion in 'Eve Online Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by EVE, 9/26/13.

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    Hi I have 2 accounts for sale, about 25m sp each. First account is pvp oriented, can fly every t2 gallente frigate and cruisers : Skills : ://dpaste/210581/plain/ 4/5 assault ships, inty, covert ops (with bomb deployment) 3/5 HAS 2/5 recon ship, logistics, EAS 3.5m points in gunnery, with 5/5 small blaster specialization 5m points in drones, with 7 5/5 skills. Every t2 light and medium drones + t2 gallente heavy drones Overall statistics : 43 lvl 5 skills, 189 known skills Note that this character also have a small research specialization, meaning he has 4 R&D agents running, giving his a steady income without doing anything (more than 1m/day). Also comes with about 1000 hydromagnetic physica datacores. Second account is market / mission runner slave Skills : ://dpaste/210580/plain/ 5/5 retail, daytrading, trade 4/5 accounting 3/5 marketing, contracting, broker relation Specialized in golem piloting for mission running : 5/5 marauder & caldari BS 5m missiles skill points : 5/5 cruise missiles 4/5 cruise spec 5/5 bombardment, launcher operations, projection, launch and target nav. prediction Can also use every t2 light/med drones, have strong engineering skills Can fly Charon (5/5 Caldari indus, 2/5 Caldari freighter) Very PVE oriented (29.7 perc, 26.4 willpower, can get up to 2574 sp/h in missiles, sp. command and gunnery) Comes with a fully fitted Golem (mostly faction items) All characters are in High sec, have high SS and not hostile to basic npc factions, all +4 implants 100m+ ISK on each account (and LOTS of items) Both accounts have a bit more than 2 months of paid game time (until end of august) May also be interested in trade vs wow char (no gold, account/char only), depending on offer. MP me with offer or for more informations
Thread Status:
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