WTS: 27.7m sp Caldari - Near Perfect Marauder Pilot

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    Would also make a halfway decent Rattlesnake pilot Has three total jump clones. One has a full set of HG Cyrstals (1B ISK) with additional skill hardwirings Another has +4s, the last I used for pvp. 40M ISK Cash on hand. Additional 420m coming as part of a Trade Bond. Fully fitted Golem with Deadspace/complex fittings and T2 rigs Assets worth around 2.5B total, all in high-sec Skill highlights: These are NOT all of the skills, merely the highlights ://a.imageshack.us/img31/3666/49782624.jpg Also, if you know of any LEGITIMATE reseller sites that do quick and dirty purchases please let me know, it sounds like most of them are scams. I AM the OO. If necessary I can provide a copy of my driver's license matching the name and address on the account. I have no asking price, I am asking for offers. Do not contact me via pms, aim, or email without posting here with a link to your reptuation, please. I've bought and sold on spamsite for years, this switch to has me paranoid. I will only deal with paypal if you are EXCEPTIONALLY reputable, can arrange for an EXCEPTIONALLY reputable middle man, or are an EXCEPTIONALLY reputable reseller. ://a.imageshack.us/img31/3666/49782624.jpg
Thread Status:
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