WTS: 27.4 mil SP Caldari/Amarr trained character + 19mil SP Amarr character

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    Hello all, I used this site before a couple of years ago to sell two WoW accounts and that went smoothly (on the auction part of the site). The forums section seems to be a lot more lively for EvE sales, so I will advertise the sale of my accounts here. First Character has 27.4 million SP with 7mil in missiles, 6mil in gunnery and 4.5 mil in spaceship command. Can fly Caldari Cruiser V, Battleships, BC’s, lots of frigates and has HAC’s currently in training. Can easily be skilled for a Tengu, while only needing to train the strat cruiser skill and subsystems. Also trained in Amarr with tech 2 medium lasers and other spaceship command skills, and comes with a billion isk in the wallet. Great character for either PvP or missions etc, very high standing with Caldari corps and the Militia. You can see the skill list here. Second Character has 19 mil SP and is more focused for transport and industry, but still has a reasonable amount in gunnery etc to be able to pvp if necessary. Has Amarr Industrial V trained and Caldari Industrial V, with covops trained and the probe skills. Also has trade and leadership skills. Skill list can be seen here Just to be clear they are on separate accounts. I am looking for £160 for the first account and £90 for the second. I would prefer to sell both together and could do that for £240. Paypal is what I want to use for the sale. Pm me or post here if you’re interested, thanks.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.