WTS: 26.5m SP Gallente Drone Pilot

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    Hey guys! I'm looking to sell my EVE character as I do not have time anymore to play and I'm in need of some extra cash to rebuild my gaming rig. I am the original owner of this character and will be accepting payment via PayPal. Some highlights of the character are as follows: 26.5m SP +4 Implants **REMAP AVAILABLE** Comes with these ships: Dominix - 84.5m Deimos - 166m Ishtar - 167m Proteus - 211m All ships come fully equipped for PvE Ingame wallet - 202m - Certificates - Core Competency - Standard Armor Tanking - Improved Drone Control - Standard Combat Drone Control - Improved T2 Drones ALL RACES Sentry, Heavy, Medium, and Light all T2 Gallente Military - Special Forces --Elite - Item Highlight - Hangar has value ~ 190m All Ships Fully equipped for PvE with high value items - Ask for details 2.2 Security Status Can pilot hulks as well as iteron V for max hauling. Can also pilot Obelisk, Orca, and all Gallente Battleships. Being more focused on PvE the dominix is equipped as accordingly with armor tanking and drones doing anywhere between 550 - 600 DPS and guns doing 180 - 200. EXCELLENT wormhole scanner in the proteus!! Can solo most C1 and C2 hacking and archaeology points.. Anymore details feel free to ask!! Edit - Also worth noting has 17 days in game time remaining
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.