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    i wanna sell a 30lvl west account via paysafe I SELL IT FOR 25e the account has 350+ ranked wins and 284 loses and elo 900(cuz i was leaving all time champ selections when team picks were FAIL) i possess the following skins and champs: -Galactic Renekton -Sanguine Garen -Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate -Gangster Twitch -Pharaoh Amumu -Mad Hatter Shaco -Bird of Prey Anivia -Minuteman Gangplank -Ionian Master Yi -Riot Tristana -Dragon Knight Jarvan -Deadly Kennen(red ninja skin) the trade will go like this.we will be in touch in facebook or . i put the paysafe number to the account i want and when i see the RP i give the pass INSTANTLY. the buyer could be in the forum login screen of LoL too so he can change his mail and password right after the trade this way we have NO SCAMMERS. EDIT: *added Kennen as champion(21-8) *Deadly Kennen (red)skin(21-8) *Nocturne as champion!(21-8) *Udyr as Champion(22-8) *Nasus as Champion(8-9) *Karma as Champion(8-9) *Sona as Champion(8-9) *ChoGath as Champion(17-9) *Morgana as Champion(17-9)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.