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    Currency Orb of Transmutation $0.10 Orb of Alteration $0.10 Armourer's scrap $0.10 Blacksmith's Whetstone $0.10 Glassblower's Bauble $0.10 Chromatic orb $0.15 Jeweler's orb $0.25 Chance orb $0.25 Fusing orb $1.25 Scouring orb $1.50 Alchemy orb $1.50 Regret orb $2.00 Chaos orb $2.00 Regal orb $3.00 Gemcutter's prism $4.50 Divine orb $10.00 Exalted orb $20.00 Hardcore prices are 1.5x more Request Items/Gems When requesting a item or gem, be sure to specify the quality of the gem, and the stats, links, ilvl of the gear. (I also get uniques) If I don't have what you need I'll get in within hours! I have a team of currency farmers that play several games, we need to get rid of out PoE stock and we have plenty. We are from the United States, just trying to earn some money legitimately - so do business with us! - RyanCurrency Accepting Paypal only, send as gift only.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.