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    I have for sale my engineer account: 220/30/55 - Nuet - RK2 Symbs Equipped: Full set of Alpahs Cloths Equipped: Xan Combat Base Scout Yakomo Mix of QL300 Scouts & Commandos (Have the full set of both in total) QL 300 Ofab: Shoulder,Ring, Back Icy Pads DB Bracer, MAB Builders Signet Ring Wepons Equipped: x2 Peh'Wer Pistols Xans Viral Belt Stellar Nanodeck x6 Nano NCU Masterpiece Ancient Combat Tuner Infused Nano Enhancer Nano Controller Unit This engineer has completed nearly every quest that matters including the 2 nanos from APF. Being Nuet I was able to gain all garden and sanc keys from both side except for Inferno sanc. It has ring to enter pand plus signet ring so no need for boots hhab and so on This engineer has been configured for DD but after a few hot swapped items (included) and self buffs it can pretty much Trade skill anything in game like QL300 combined armour. Included are loads of Trade skill tools Like Shape Soft, Shape Hard, Ancient Engineering Device. Not to mention loads of materials and tradable hand me down items. Has tones of buffing items like BOC, HOH, ROP, Red Yellow Blue Belts, not that you'll need them as Full Aphas have been equipped. Have been very efficient with IP and still have 1.1 million IP points available to spend. Also on the account: 153 MP: Stripped 150 Crat: Kite Hill XP Mule 167 Crat: Equipped But needs a bit of work 25 Fixer: Subway Twink can cast and wear Grid Armor with a bit of outside help. I have been considering selling this account for a couple of months and have kept a very low profile in game to aid this process. Most the people I knew in game are long gone any way. The account is full and paid up till the beginning of October 2013. 10 Vet Points, 1200 FC Credits, Store Claimable Items Looking for $200 USD
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