WTS 220 Enforcer

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    Selling a 220 Omni Enforcer with a decent AI level (above 15). Items of Interest: -Burden of Competence -Shoulderplates of Sabotage -Fly Catcher's Specs -5 pieces of ql 300 Combined Mercenaries -DB Gloves/Boots -Masterpiece Ancient Bracer -Perfected Infused Dust Brigade Bracer -Brute's Signet of the Apocalypse -Xan Blue Belt of Triple Prudence -Xan's Viral Belt Component Platform -Steller Enforcer Nanodeck -Defense/Nano util items -Xan upgraded 2.5k token board -Imbued Globe of Clarity Enf is 1hb/wep with Sneak Attack option, fully upgraded Xan weapons. Immune in Vortexx. He is LE 50+, not 70. Has mostly Xan Beta symbiants in, or equal pieces of regular symbiants in (only missing ear, waist, leg). I have the Xan beta leg, just haven't put it in. Needless to say this enf is VERY close to being endgame. All that is needed is alpha symbiants. Enforcer has decent rep as a VERY GOOD TANK. Has nanoskill buffing items in because Omni is not in control of towers, and thus can't take advantage of org contracts. This enf has a decent rep as a person, however there are people I didn't get along with. Most of them are on ignore, but some aren't. Taking offers on this account, do not lowball me. This is a great account, I am the original owner. Send me a message on : [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.