WTS 220 Enforcer + alts RK2

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    The account is on RK2, all characters are omni. The account has: LvL 220/25/70 Arox Enfocer Equipped Symbiants: QL 300/240 Xan Symbiants + Nano delta right wrist imp (PvP setup) Equipped armor: QL 300 Combined Commando's set + QL 300 Penult ofab farmed, 2500 Xan tokenboard (Offensive), DB + Alba bracers, Ofab ring, Alba rings Weapon: Pride of the Xan Improved Alba Huds/Utils, Improved APF Belt Phatz: Beast pads, Burden, Helmet of Hipocrisy, Star, Pande belts Twinking stuff: Full bags of twinking implants QL 250`ish, pistols, APF pillows, etc. All quests done, DB nanodeck + improved nanos, etc. Alts: 165/Research done - Solitus Adventurer Equipment: Full QL 230'ish CC, SOS, modif notucomm mesh, highest symbs possible 150 Solitus Martial Artist, CM almost full set, Modified notucomm mesh, Slippers of screaming (in social), Igoc x2 Account includes @ 3b creds in cash, and lots of other stuff you can sell. The account has never been banned before; All characters have good repuation. I'm asking 400 Euros for the account, please leave a reply below then PM with your contact details.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.