WTS: 220 Enfo & 220 Doc Merged Accounts RK2 (Paid Till October 2013)

Discussion in 'Anarchy Online Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Anarchy, 9/30/13.

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    Hello I have my last 2 accounts now for sale. Both accounts are merged and paid up till the middle of October 2013. Its been very useful to be able dual log a 220 Doc and Enfo partically for OST'ing and Missions. Both individually have been very successful at small team Pand Runs, APFS and so on. Both have done loads of quests like Specs 1,2,3,4 Inferno garden keys and so on. I have severed all ties with orgs and have purposely kept a low profile for the past few months all the people who knew me in game are long gone so you could pick up any of these chars without any one knowing any different. Admittedly you would need to put a bit of work in if you wanted to make both chars completely end game but most of big efforts already done! Here are the highlights of what you'll get The Enforcer Account - All RK2 Enfo: Clan 220/30/54 Symbs: Full Set of Betas Cloths: Full Set of QL300 Combined Mercenarys Xan Combat Paragon OFab Back & Shoulder Icy Pads DB Bracer & MAB HHAB Band OF Bravery Wepons: Hatred Of Xan Kur’Ush Mallet Also loads of buffing items like, BOC, DB Armor, Xan belts and so on Also on this account: 150 MA Clan –Almost Bare 193 Agent Clan– Kitted up but will need some attention The Doctor Account - All RK2: Doctor: Clan 220/15/30 Symbs: Intelligent: L-arm, Waist, L The other 10 slots are equipped with alphas Clothes: Full set of QL300 Combined Officers Merit Board of angry men Ofab Back Icy Pads Sabotage Pads DB Bracer , MAB Micro Coil Ring, HHAB Fly Cathcer Specs Wepons: MA Combat Tuner Doctor Nanodeck Star of recovrery Doctors Left & Right Hand Pistols Also loads of buffing items like, BOC, DB Armor, Xan belts and so on Also on the account 150 NT Neut – Fully Loaded with highest sybs/items possible. Awsome Nuker and kiter for ely hecks 193 Trader Neut – Fully Kitted up but will need a bit of work if lvling into the 200s I'm looking for $200 USD This is a very good deal bearing in mind both accounts are paid up for 10 months (12 months still costs almost $100).
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