WTS: 220 Enf / 217 NT Account RK2

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    Have an old account I purchased a while back for a ql 300 combined commando set. Haven't been using it for a couple of months so I'm looking to trade it on for the same price / a little more. Some upgrades have been made in the time I had him. The account is stripped. The Chars are on RK2. Will accept offers of credits and items on RK2 only. The account and some highlights: 220 / AI 20 / LE 49 omni atrox enforcer 1he spec enforcer, has most of his quests done (DB / AI 3 / Xan quests) and some nice nodrop gear. QL 1 Activated Enforcer Nanodeck QL 300 Burden of Competence QL 300 Hatred of the Xan QL 1 Omni-Tek Award - Exemplar QL 250 Perfected Infused Dust Brigade Bracer QL 1 Sad Panda Mask QL 300 Shoulderplates of Sabotage QL 1 Superior Icy Shoulderpads of Brawn QL 300 Xan's Blue Belt of Triple Prudence QL 300 Xan's Viral Belt Component Platform QL 300 Xan's Yellow Belt of Triple Speed 217 / AI 19 / LE 43 omni nanomage nanotechnician Standard NT setup, also has most of his quests done (DB / AI 3 / Some Xan). QL 1 Advanced Experience Construct (Plenty) QL 1 Decrypted Kyr'Ozch Data Core QL 1 Experience Construct QL 300 Maar's Red Belt of Double Power QL 250 Masterpiece Ancient Bracer QL 1 Nano-Technician Nanodeck 36 neutral opifex shade 164 omni solitus doctor 165 clan atrox enforcer 154 omni opifex agent 60 omni nanomage trader 49 omni atrox enforcer If interested send a PM to this account and I'll get back to you.
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