WTS 220 agent/keeper omni rk 2

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    RK 2 toons 220/23/60 Agent breed atrox items Nodrops: Everything worth having(300 ofab ring,back included/boc/beast pads,head,/all xan items/all xan symbs/all nanos,finished all quests,all garden keys,2500 xan token board,alb bracer,DB bracer in total everything expect ACDC.infused ancient defender,infused vision pres. unit,snipers friend,all Db items/armors,alp pads Yesdrops: Set of 300 ql CSS, 6/6 xan NCU memory x3,notucomm, hhab,300 aad impl. Misc: All twinking gear u need for 300 symbs,all twinking items to be able to cast top nanos. All nanos ingame. 220/20/61 Keeper breed atrox Items: Nodrops: All 300 ofab,All Db armor, xan 2500 token board,xan wep,few xan symbs, all nanos, all quests completed,all garden keys, beast head/chest armor,alp pads,I ancient def,I ancient vision pres. unit, xan belt, xan 6/6 memorys x 3,Db/alb bracers,spirit shroud of X unit, Yesdrops: hhab,xan memorys,db memorys,set of 270-280 symbs misc: all nano twinking gear for top keeper nanos, Keeper got Experianced pvp title(was one of the best keepers around) 216/18/42 shade breed Opifex Items Nodrops: Shade ofab pants/gloves ql 300 pen ulty,alp pads,I ancient def,I ancient vision pres. unit, xan belt,xan wep, medi blade,dreadloch stab gs,3 xan 300 alpha spirits others are xan 260-280 spirits.all DB armor.inferno ring, Yesdrops: bloodsoaked cloak, slipers of screaming,hhab,all DB memorys. This toon is made for pvm, can solo almost everything. Other toons with sux equipment 210/12/20 shade breed atrox striped 150/13/22 fixer breed opifex GA IV made for s 10 RK 1 toons 212 advy nice geared 210 keeper nice geared All toons are omni. For more details u can add me on [email protected] or just pm me. TY
Thread Status:
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