WTS 220 ADV/220 ENF/210 Agent/bunch of 150+ alts

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    as the title says, i want to SELL this account for cash only. i'm done for good with anarchy online, it's time for me to move on to more important things in my life. I paid for the account last night in order to be able to list all the gear on the account, and also so that the seller won't have to pay for it for another month. This account is perfect for someone who,like me, doesn't have very much time to play and wants to avoid all of the grinding parts of a.o. The 2 main toons (enf and adv) have 65+ research done (nearly finished), 17-20 ai levels each, etc. The gear on them is as follows: ADV: -solitus -5x CM pieces which i will leave on the account when it is sold. - ql 300 ofab chest and gloves. -full 240+ symbs, most of which are 260 -2 ql 300 mk6 weapons -pande ncu and hud items, to go with yutto's ncus in the other slots -alappa pads -Can solo almost any inferno dyna with ease. can also tank 220 inferno missions without much effort. -has all garden keys (and a few sanc. keys) -Essentially this character is perfectly setup for pvp, and never dies. He has all nanos, best perk setup, and all that stuff of course. He has an Apprentice pvp title, and some vp sitting around to do whatever with. The enforcer: -atrox -Full Ofab, including back armor. -Can use the cm that the adventurer is wearing as well -ql 300 mk6 weapon -gaily painted good -alappa pads -Full chosen sitting in a backpakc -all nanos and stuff -1k tokens -some vp sitting around -Has all garden keys (and some sanc. keys) -full 260 symbiants, you could even twink on 300's without too mcuh effort. -Various pande ncus -dreadloch hud items, profession star -LE ring (ql 300) -This character is also a pvp monster, he's perked and geared to be a little bit more offensive than defensive which works well for an enforcer. He has a novice pvp title as well. He is also great for pvm, can tank anything easily. The 210 agent has not much on him other than an apprentice pvp title, but he could be fixed without too much effort if somebody wanted to do that. The breed of the agent is atrox as well, which is excellent for pvp. the agent has 15 ai levels and about 40 research levels done. the lower alts are all around level 150-160. there is an MA, a fixer, and a doc. All of the toons have good reputations and are not known as being "ebayed" or anything like that. The enf and advy are ready to play as soon as you log in. You don't have to bother with the boring pvm stuff, they're ready to go pvp right away. I will be working on fixing the account up even more until the account is sold, so some minor improvements will be made shortly. Also, there is about 100m in cash on the account to but whatever you want with. Because of the demand for both enforcers and adventurers, i'm only going to hear serious offers. This account is worth quite a bit (as i will leave everything on it), so please make any offers you have worth my while. I'll set the buyout at $430 (USD). I'm looking to get rid of this account a.s.a.p so for the right offer i might be willing to make a deal today. The sale will be done through paypal, unless the buyer knows of a better way for both parties. PM me here with an offer, or cantact me on : [email protected] Thank you, and happy bidding.
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