WTS 220/25 MP + twinks (RK2)

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    Quick Summary: All characters are [COLOR=#3366FFomni</span> and on Rimor (RK2) 220/<span style=]span> MP 174/[COLOR=#66FF9920</span> Doctor 165/<span style=]span> Trader 118/[COLOR=#66FF9913</span> Soldier 81/<span style=]span> Agent 51/[COLOR=#66FF995</span> Agent 25/<span style=]span> Trader 13/[COLOR=#66FF991</span> Agent <span style='font-size: 17pt'><u>Details:</u></span> I have played this account intensively for over 3 years. But I just lost interest because I’ve seen everything and been everywhere. This means my main is well build and almost complete with all end game gear and over 500m credits. I enjoyed the PVP aspect of this game the most, therefore most of my characters are well twinked. <span style='font-size: 11pt'>Main</span> <span style=]25 Omni Male Nanomage MetaPhysist[/COLOR] A very useful multi-purpose character! Can be used for almost every aspect of the game: - Healpet: Lasts for 2 hours and can be used to automatically heal a character of any level as long as it is in the same zone. So you can quickly powerlevel to lvl100+ all by yourself. - Buffing: This MP has got all up-to-date nanos from before patch 17.2. So this includes all single and composite teachings, masteries, infuses and mochams. A +140 bonus to all nanoskills for 8 hours. - PVM: Camp rare dynabosses in SL and RK or use ‘/pet hunt’ to clear our entire missions and areas while you take care of looting. Pet + Weapon + Nanos + Perks = Uber Damage! - PVP: Equipped with one of the best PVP weapons ingame, the Dreadloch Tigress combined with over 3k defense rating makes this MP very deadly in PVP. - Equipment: Wearing a balanced combination of QL300 CSS, CS and OFAB for a mix of offence, defense and HP. Like I said, Dreadloch Tigress as good weapon for both PVM and PVP. Almost all rare nodrop items from Pande, APF, DB, Albtraum, Alappa, etc. This includes BoC, belts, NCUs, buff armor, HUDs, bracers, rings, etc. QL300ish implants and QL250-270 Symbiants. All Research lines 8-10. 2500+ Tokens. What else can I say.. an end game character. Alts [COLOR=#FFFFCC174/20 Omni Female Solitus Doctor</span> A twink for TL5 Battlestation fun. Equipped with Doctor's Right Hand of Hope and a QL175 OFAB MK6 pistol. Wearing Paramedic/OFAB/Proactive armor. QL250 imps and QL220-240 Symbs. <span style=]20 Omni Female Solitus Trader[/COLOR] A pvp twink which is still under construction but already wearing a QL250 OFAB Silverback MK6 and using top drains. Of course also useful for +132 wrangles. [COLOR=#FFFFCC118/13 Omni Atrox Soldier</span> Another twink. I use this in PVP by hotswapping between QL200 Perennium Blaster and QL200 Supernova for a high damage alpha. <span style=]8 Omni Opiflex Agent[/COLOR] Again a pvp twink. Very high evades/dodge with QL200 imps and NCU and a maxed 11 second Aimed Shot recharge. [COLOR=#FFFFCC51/5 Omni Atrox Agent</span> Pvp twink with a QL150 Perennium Sniper. Also with very high evades/dodge, especially with the 'Wit of the Atrox' perk for another +320 dodge. <span style=]3 Omni Atrox Trader[/COLOR] Nasty pvp twink using a Stygian. About 425 NCU self. <span style="color: #FFFFCC13/1 Omni Opiflex Agent[/COLOR] Another pvp twink with a QL70 Perennium Sniper and 6-slot belt. A really nice account in my honest opinion, so I expect to get at least $400 for it. (PayPal) Feel free to ask me for more details! /email: [email protected][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#3366FFomni</span> and on Rimor (RK2) 220/<span style=][COLOR=#66FF9920</span> Doctor 165/<span style=][COLOR=#66FF9913</span> Soldier 81/<span style=][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]
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