WTS 220/22 Trox Enf, 219/18 Trox Solja Account ++ Much More

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    Im Interested in selling my RK1 account for either $130 USD, or for ingame RK2 Credits. 220/22/60 Atrox Enforcer, he is equipped and ready to play, is missing 1 peice of armor, his left sleeve. Rest is 300 Ofab 219/18 Atrox Solja, he is pretty much stripped, but does have several nodrops including a Dshark, and the unupgraded Beast weapon, just needs Weapon upgrade. Theres also several 100+ Toons on the account, although I dont feel like going into detail, You can email me at [email protected] or add me to at [email protected] Now, I said ++ Much more, If someone is interested in buying my baby account, it consists of: 220/27/70 Opifex Fixer, completely endgame, intels/alphas, upgraded weapons, all nanos, 2500+ Tokens 220/25/70 Atrox Shade, endgame as well, top spirits, I have sold the CM he was wearing however he still in ql300 Penultimate Ofab (Yes its completely penultimate, none of the crap just bought and slapped on) 218/15/55 Atrox Doctor, This doc is about as endgame as it gets without being 220, Hes self casting all top nanos, including the DB Improved ICH (Hardest nano for docs ingame, and mines Trox). 150/10/30 Atrox Advy, This is my cash cow, I use him to farm sector 10 150/6/? Atrox MA, this was my new project I was starting up for TL7 pvp, since they're fixing MR and adding HP/riposte/parry, Im assuming trox MAs will be the new love children. 4500+ AR and 30k HP along with evades, parry, riposte sounded pretty damn good to me anyways. 118/2/? Soli Keeper, Was just a screw around toon when I was bored, he was pretty fun though 113/5/? NM NT, was going to be a 126 twink I just never finished it. Im looking for $400 USD on this RK2 account, Yes, first account is RK1, My fixer account is Rk2. : [email protected] Email: [email protected] Thanks Drew
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.