wts 220/20+ agent 210 shade w/twinks RK1

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    Original owner of this account since I started playing AO and now its time to quit. Anyways the accounts toons are as followed Asking price - $320.00 if i remember correctly the account has 150+mil still on it with over 4bil worth in items -MAIN 220/20+ Agent, setup for pvp but no wasted IP in sharp objs/piercing 2925+ AR self in doc, 3K + in enf/sol Full Combined Sharpshooters Minus the sleeves which are pen ofab 2500 board 200-240 symbs All 3 Alien weapon HUD's 275 scope keys/sanct keys up to Inferno [email protected] almost full pen ofab 300 ofab cobra All useful nanos uploaded many other awesome twink items in bank tons of other stuff ALT- 210+ trox shade pretty much stripped in the armor/HUD area, but all the spirits are still there, throw a set of CM on him and hes good to go again. Some Ofab and QL300 spear/QL300 rapiers are still there i believe ALT- 170/13+ NT twink Evade/NR setup with over 1350 NR selfed scout helm/chest/sleeves, maidens gloves, dalja skirt, pen ofab boots 190-220 QL symbs/imps All top RK nanos uploaded Doubles/triples uploaded Steamrolls most people when played right Alt-2 74/6 BS trader twink 199 ithaca full pred 160-180 imps self casts 2nd highest drains self casts borrow reflect/corp (-300 off debuff) perfected tank amazing in the 74 BS, doesn't lose when played right with haggles/drains few other misc alts are on the account, nothing special The account is not stripped at all, the agent is one of the best currently on the server. If you have any questions or want more info you can either PM me or email me at [email protected] Not looking for any trades, or anything just money, paypal will work.
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