WTS: 22 mil SP Miner/Tengu/CNR/Missile pilot level 4 solo

Discussion in 'Eve Online Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by EVE, 9/26/13.

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    I no longer play any MMOs and want to get rid of this account, it can mine or solo level 4s easily with the CNR, I also trained up to fly a Tengu and bought one but stopped playing before raising the isk to outfit it. I just renewed the account for 30 days on Monday. Intelligence Genolution Core Augmentation CA-2 (+3) Perception Low-grade Snake Alpha (+2) Charisma Social Adaptation Chip - Basic (+3) Willpower Limited Neural Boost - Beta (+2) Memory Low-grade Halo Beta (+2) Skill points - 22,050,415 ISK - 164,423,168 Positive status Currently training - Missile Projection level 5, 5 days remaining Drone Interfacing Level: 5 Drones Level: 5 Scout Drone Operation Level: 5 Electronics Level: 5 Energy Management Level: 5 Energy Systems Operation Level: 5 Engineering Level: 5 Shield Compensation Level: 5 Shield Management Level: 5 Shield Operation Level: 5 Gunnery Level: 5 Small Hybrid Turret Level: 5 Weapon Upgrades Level: 5 Industry Level: 5 Hull Upgrades Level: 5 Mechanics Level: 5 Cruise Missiles Level: 5 Heavy Missiles Level: 5 Light Missiles Level: 5 Missile Bombardment Level: 5 Missile Launcher Operation Level: 5 Rapid Launch Level: 5 Rockets Level: 5 Warhead Upgrades Level: 5 Afterburner Level: 5 Navigation Level: 5 Astrogeology Level: 5 Diplomacy Level: 5 Caldari Cruiser Level: 5 Caldari Frigate Level: 5 Mining Barge Level: 5 Spaceship Command Level: 5 Combat Drone Operation Level: 4 Drone Sharpshooting Level: 4 Electronic Warfare Level: 4 Long Range Targeting Level: 4 Signature Analysis Level: 4 Targeting Level: 4 EM Shield Compensation Level: 4 Energy Grid Upgrades Level: 4 Explosive Shield Compensation Level: 4 Kinetic Shield Compensation Level: 4 Shield Emission Systems Level: 4 Shield Upgrades Level: 4 Tactical Shield Manipulation Level: 4 Thermic Shield Compensation Level: 4 Controlled Bursts Level: 4 Sharpshooter Level: 4 Surgical Strike Level: 4 Ice Harvesting Level: 4 Mining Level: 4 Refining Level: 4 Jury Rigging Level: 4 Shield Rigging Level: 4 Guided Missile Precision Level: 4 Missile Projection Level: 4 Target Navigation Prediction Level: 4 Acceleration Control Level: 4 Evasive Maneuvering Level: 4 Fuel Conservation Level: 4 Warp Drive Operation Level: 4 Science Level: 4 Social Level: 4 Caldari Battleship Level: 4 Caldari Defensive Systems Level: 4 Caldari Electronic Systems Level: 4 Caldari Engineering Systems Level: 4 Caldari Offensive Systems Level: 4 Caldari Propulsion Systems Level: 4 Drone Durability Level: 3 Drone Navigation Level: 3 Gallente Drone Specialization Level: 3 Heavy Drone Operation Level: 3 Mining Drone Operation Level: 3 Minmatar Drone Specialization Level: 3 Electronics Upgrades Level: 3 Long Distance Jamming Level: 3 Survey Level: 3 Energy Emission Systems Level: 3 Medium Energy Turret Level: 3 Motion Prediction Level: 3 Rapid Firing Level: 3 Small Energy Turret Level: 3 Small Projectile Turret Level: 3 Plagioclase Processing Level: 3 Pyroxeres Processing Level: 3 Scordite Processing Level: 3 Veldspar Processing Level: 3 Salvaging Level: 3 Cruise Missile Specialization Level: 3 Heavy Assault Missiles Level: 3 Heavy Missile Specialization Level: 3 Light Missile Specialization Level: 3 Torpedoes Level: 3 High Speed Maneuvering Level: 3 Astrometrics Level: 3 Cybernetics Level: 3 Hacking Level: 3 Thermodynamics Level: 3 Connections Level: 3 Negotiation Level: 3 Assault Ships Level: 3 Battlecruisers Level: 3 Caldari Industrial Level: 3 Caldari Strategic Cruiser Level: 3 Exhumers Level: 3 Minmatar Frigate Level: 3 ORE Industrial Level: 3 Remaining skills are at level 1 and 2 Character owns the following ships: Caracal Badger Mark II Navy Hookbill Corax - (7x Rocket launcher II, 2x Adaptive Invulnerability II, AB II, Damage Control II, Ancillary Current Router I, 2x Processor Overclocking I) Drake - (7x Heavy Missile Launcher II, Drone link Augment I, Adapt Invulnerability II, 2x Med shield extender II, MWD I, Sheild recharger II, Cap Recharger II, Acolyth Signal Booster, Damage Control II, Ballistic Control Sys II, Type D power core mod, Med Cap control I, 2x Med core defense field extender II, 5x Hobgoblin II, 4463x Scourge Fury Heavy Missile) Noctis - (4x Salvager I, 4x Tractor Beam I, Eulectic Cap Charge Array, MWD I, Stoic Core Equal I, Type D Attenutation Signal Augment, Accord Core Comp, 3x Med Cap Control Circuit I, 5x Salvage Drone I) Raven Navy Issue - (7 x Cruise Launcher II, Pith C Large booster, Adapt Invulnerability II, Large Shield Ext II, Afterburner II, Ammatar Navy Cap Recharger,3x Ballistic Control Sys II, Type D Atten Signal Augment, Calidari Navy Power Diagnostic, Large Warhead Rigor Catalyst I, 2x Large Cap Control I, 5x Warrior II, 3x HobGoblin II, 6x Hammerhead II, 3000x Inferno Fury Cruise, 161x Scourge Fury Cruise) Tengu Venture ================================================== ============== One Alt on the account as well: Intel - 18 Percep - 23 Char - 18 Willpower - 22 Memory - 18 Intelligence Genolution Core Augmentation CA-2 (+3) Perception Ocular Filter - Basic (+3) Charisma Social Adaptation Chip - Basic (+3) Willpower Neural Boost - Basic (+3) Memory Memory Augmentation - Basic (+3) 3.8 million ISK 80 Skills trained Skillpoints - 2,960,159 Gunnery Level: 5 Medium Projectile Turret Level: 5 Small Projectile Turret Level: 5 Afterburner Level: 5 Navigation Level: 5 Drones Level: 4 Engineering Level: 4 Shield Operation Level: 4 Sharpshooter Level: 4 Small Artillery Specialization Level: 4 Hull Upgrades Level: 4 Mechanics Level: 4 Repair Systems Level: 4 Minmatar Frigate Level: 4 Spaceship Command Level: 4 Electronics Level: 3 Long Range Targeting Level: 33 Signature Analysis Level: 3 Survey Level: 3 Targeting Level: 3 Energy Grid Upgrades Level: 3 Energy Management Level: 3 Controlled Bursts Level: 3 Motion Prediction Level: 3 Rapid Firing Level: 3 Weapon Upgrades Level: 3 Armor Rigging Level: 3 Jury Rigging Level: 3 Light Missiles Level: 3 Missile Bombardment Level: 3 Missile Launcher Operation Level: 3 Rapid Launch Level: 3 Evasive Maneuvering Level: 3 Fuel Conservation Level: 3 Warp Drive Operation Level: 3 Science Level: 3 Amarr Frigate Level: 3 Gallente Frigate Level: 3 Minmatar Cruiser Level: 3 Remainder are level 1 and 2
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