WTS 216 enf, 192 soldier, 50 advie

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    $110-125 as title says, lvl 216 enforcer with 13+ ai lvls, toons of apf, zods and beast points. lvl 192 soldier with tier 3 pads equipped. theres 230,000,000 credits and more on the account. i'm sellin the account so cheap, because i quit the game and sold most of the valuable sellable items. there are still alot of valuables on the account. including toons of no-drop items. Inferno garden keys on both the enf and soldier. Enforcer: apf belt 14% crit ai scope ql 250ish comm relay high ql symbs tier 3 body, pants, hands, helm, cape and shoulderpad ql 300 ai gloves +60 energy damage Might of the Revenant +32 to all damage Sleeves of Senseless Violence 1k token board. Soldier: tier 3 pads tier 3 gloves Tier 2 pants and chest Inferno garden key Might of the Revenant +32 to all damage Sentinel Helmet, boots and pants. ql 300 comm relay ql 300 ai scope 15% crit chance symbs and implant mix the account is worth more. but i'm sellin the time and effort it took me to obtain the lvls, pts, and items. if there are any questions please feel free to contact me. Thanks! private message me and we can discuss further and hook up on AIM or .
Thread Status:
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