WTS 215/15 Doctor RK2

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    Basics: * 215/15 Doctor * Clan * Nanogimp * RK2 (Below Average -> Average) Gear: * Both Dreadloch Doctor Pistols in inventory (no weapons equipped atm) * Full 220-240 Symbs * HHaB * Inferno Boots * Azure Armor * Beast Sleeves/Shoulders * 2x VTE * (No wrists unless you want to use MBC, in which case doctor has 2x lvl 215 radiation sabas) * Basic 6 Slot Belt * 3x QL 300 Spirit Infused Yuttos * 1x Morphing Memory * 1x QL 300 Infused Viral Compiler * Deck Slot 5 Empty but cheap to fill with a CPU upgrade or whatever Other: * IP well spent * Has a lot of yesdrop buffing items (ql 200 bbq pillow, nova dillon, chilled plasteel, ql 200 biomech suit, med suit, +40 burst pistol, +4/+40 agil rifle, treatment rifle, +20int/psy pistoos, +25 int/psy pistols, comp lit pistols, QL10/160 cushions, Ql215 Ring of Essence/Endurance, shades of lucubration, QL 200 robot brain and more...this isn't just a stripped character, but does need a lot of collection for more of the better NODROP buffing items still) * Has some stuff in bank to sell (mostly symbs, including awakened support chest which sells pretty good) * Few no drop things, couple of note dreadloch hud with the +10 str and the comp lit hud, nothing fancy. Bottom Line: * A very basic character that has just been putting around that needs a lot of work that I don't want to do. * Not looking for trades as I am done with AO, at least, for now. * I "could" (and will if asked) provide a list of all of the stuff on the character, but really, it is mostly filler junk. I am sure whoever takes this account will have the resources to improve vastly beyond the junk on it right now :p Any questions just ask.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.