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    This is my last account I have had this account since the game went live.However I have not played Ao for a year so gear wise it is more than likely not up to date. This account is not stripped I know there is bags of rare symbiants and such on it from farming I know there is some Low light scopes on the account as well though I do not recall what %. There is no Ai armor I am pretty sure. There is alot of rare items though that you cannot even get in game anymore or are so hard to get most ppl will not bother such as the gunships etc etc. Various trinks on the account as well as some 120-150 characters all twinked.The account is NOT active atm so there is no way for me to know or list what is or is not on the account there maybe tons of stuff I have forgotten I know the account is far from stripped and and bank bags and alts are all full of 5+ years of playing before I quit the game. I am sure there is some treasures on the account I have forgotten about.I know I have beast armor sitting in bags in inventory that has not been equipped. I am not willing to resub the account as I do not play this anymore but I will do everything in my power to make sure the buyer feels safe in buying it being phone verification or whatever else they need short of handing the account over before purchase. I am not looking for a ton of for this account I see no reason to keep it any longer as I do not plan to return to AO and no need to let a account sit around collecting dust.If you want to make a offer feel free to send me a private message here on forum or leave your aim/ contact info thanks.
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