WTS 20m+ Caldari PvE/PvP account

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    Alright to start off I'm in the military and will be leaving the country for over a year in just about a month. Because of this I'm selling off mostly everything I own. With that being said, here is the account. This account currently has 2 characters on it, but only one worth mentioning. I won't post the link to his stats (won't give the characters name until sold) but I will list the stats. The character is in great standing with other players and has no pirate rating (his security rating is somewhat high and he is in tier4 standing with Caldari). Although the items were sold for ISK this pilot *excels* at piloting a Rokh for either PvE *OR* PvP with enough skills and stats to power 7 large railguns and shield tank without losing capacitor (regens faster than it's spent). Now on to the stats. Overall he has almost 20.5 million sp and it's almost all specialized into combat (with the rest helping to gain faction and money from missions and learn skills faster). *GREAT* character. Combat Drone Operation: 5 Drone Durability: 5 Drone Interfacing: 5 Drone Navigation: 5 Drone Sharpshooting: 3 Drones: 5 Gallente Drone Specialization: 5 Scout Drone Operation: 5 Cloaking: 2 Electronics: 5 Elecronics Upgrades: 2 Long Range Targeting: 2 Signature Analysis: 4 Signature Focusing: 5 Survey: 3 Target Painting: 4 Targeting: 3 Energy Grid Upgrades: 3 Energy Management: 4 Energy Systems Operation: 5 Engineering: 4 Kinetic Shield Compensation: 4 Shield Compensation: 2 Shield Management: 5 Shield Operation: 5 Shield Upgrades: 4 Tactical Shield Manipulation: 4 Controlled Bursts: 5 Gunnery: 5 Large Hybrid Turret: 5 Medium Hybrid Turret: 3 Motion Prediction: 5 Rapid Firing: 5 Sharpshooter: 3 Small Hybrid Turret: 5 Surgical Strike: 5 Trajectory Analysis: 3 Weapon Upgrades: 4 Mining: 2 Leadership: 3 Analytical Mind: 4 Clarity: 4 Eidetic Memory: 4 Empathy: 4 Focus: 4 Instant Recall: 4 Iron Will: 4 Learning: 4 Logic: 4 Spatial Awareness: 4 Hull Upgrades: 4 Jury Rigging: 3 Mechanic: 3 Repair Systems: 2 Salvaging: 2 Shield Riggin: 2 Heavy Missiles: 2 Missile Bombardment: 3 Missile Launcher Operation: 5 Missile Projection: 3 Rapid Launch: 4 Rockets: 4 Standard Missiles: 3 Acceleration Control: 2 Afterburner: 3 Evasive Maneuvering: 4 High Speed Maneuvering: 2 Jump Drive Operation: 4 Navigation: 5 Warp Drive Operation: 5 Cybernetics: 2 Science: 5 Connections: 4 Diplomacy: 3 Military Connections: 3 Negotiation: 3 Political Connections: 3 Social: 5 Advanced Spaceship Command: 5 Battlecruisers: 3 Caldari Battleship: 5 Caldari Cruiser: 4 Caldari Dreadnought: 1 Caldari Frigate: 4 Capital Ships: 3 Destroyers: 1 Spaceship Command: 5 As I said I'm leaving somewhat soon, but would really like to get rid of this as quickly as possible. I'd rather not have to worry about this on the last few days before I ship. Please make your offers as quickly as possible. Thanks!
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