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    1st account: Main-85 r7Burglar: Has done all the t2 deeds for erebor has the greater set of erebor and 4 gold class items...Has 16 virtues and all stat tomes to 8...Has 3100 agility and 7.5k morale...1st age dagger and bag 2nd Best-85 r7Runekeeper- Has t1 erebor healing set and 1 st age healing and rk stone mainly used for a healer but has 2nd age dps gear has all 16 virtues and all stat tomes to 8 3rd Best-85 r6Captain- Has 0 Secondy Rally cry has 2nd age stuff but maxed out on everything ..has all 16 virtues and all stat tomes to 8 Just Recently hit 85-Guard-Has tanking 2nd age stuff bg gear only about 17k morale unbuffed...No virutes and no stat tomes ................ There are 3 amazing toons on this account..I would say the burglar is one of the top characters on the server . I'm asking for 300$ for this account seeing how i spent a lot of money on this account . you're paying for 3 amazing characters to own in pvp or pve all characters have max audacity pieces. There is not a lot of gold on the toons maybe about 200gold spread out on the toons.. but with those characters its so easy to make gold.. ................. 2nd account: 85 r6 warden- Has 1st age javelin 1st age spear...Great warden i have maxed out block parry and evade with 13k crit defence it cant get any better than that about 19.5k morale unbuffed all virutes to 16 and all stat tomes to 8.. a great warden r10 Almost r11 Defiler- Has all Skills and Max Audacity and about 500gold The warden only has about 50gold on him atm... I'm going to ask 200$ for this account a high ranked defiler and a very well geared and one of the best wardens on the server... ........................... Please Add Me On : heyimfinallyon for pictures and concerns on the account i will answer any questions you have on there. I hope you guys can see how hard i worked on these two accounts and I think the price is right Thank you
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.