WTS 2 toons gallante 26m sp Minmitar 45m sp $550

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    I'm Looking to leave the game so I'm trying to hand-off my two main toons. First one is a gallante with 26.9m sp, training is a bit across the board but has many useful skills, I tried to list everything but could not get it to fit in this post so i'll attatch both characters skill sheets in a .txt attachment. the gallante pilots skills do inlcude skills for hulk, orca, proteus, tranport ships and other covert ops frigates. the second pilot is minmitar with 45.9m sp and is one is my favorite with bs, marauder, and projectile guns all to lvl 5. I will list his skills below as well. I'd like to sell them together as a package via paypal so i can just be done with the game and have some extra cash on hand. i'm looking for $550 for both the toons which is a steal and if you only need one you can always auction other on eve bazzar for a bucket-load of isk. the price also helps cover the fees to tranfer the characters. Both these toons treated me well over the years. Both characters will have over 100m possitive ballance and my minmitar toon has a t2rigged/fitted vargur as well as a carrier in his assets. The gallante toon has some hulks and a t2/complex fitted proteus in high sec fitted for grinding just about any lvl 4 misison.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.