WTS: (2) Rank 8 Characters on Same Account Cleric(HK ready) + Warrior. 1400+ platinum!

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    Hello. I am selling one of the best RIFT accounts you will find online. Looking for Serious Buyers only. I have put tons of time into this account, and made a reputation for myself as being one of the most feared when it comes to dueling and PvP on my server, and also in my battlegroup. This is not my first Rodeo, i have sold other accounts before on WoW so i know there are scammers out there. I will require that we either meet in person to finalize a transaction or we take one of the alternative routes to making an exchange. I have had people try to scam before, so other payment options i do accept are Western Union, Money Orders, or as a LAST RESORT paypal ( paypal will require special precautions to ensure that no scam happens. Like personal contact information and reciepts. ) I am willing to drive a distance in order to meet with you if that is how you would like to do it, or you may even come out and meet me and i can knock off some of the price as compensation for your gas. I am willing to work with you on however you too feel is the safest possible way to do this. This account contains two characters total. Here are the details of the characters, and other stuff. * I know this is a lot to read through, but bare with me. This account is one of the best for sale online! * ------------------------------------------------------------- #1 - LvL 50 Cleric - This character is a Male, Eth character on the DEFIANT side. This character is fully transferable to any server for free. - 300 Runecrafting w/ Almost every single runecrafting MAT has been purchased with the exception of a few rare drops. Still has 4 Master Craftsman's Marks And over 300 Artisan's Marks. - Character is Rank 8 ( highest pvp level ) and has all the BEST pvp gear possible, including the trinket, source machine with all the best pvp essences. And i have all my gear enchanted with the best possible enchants for PvP. ( This gear in conjunction with my pve source machine which is also decked out, and my healing trinket which is one of the best in the game is more than sufficient enough to heal for HammerKnell. The hardest Raid to date in the game ) - Over 80,000 Favor saved + 29 Plaques of Achievements! ( I was rank 8 before they handed out the bonus favor and prestiege vials! So i still have 10 of each of the 100% vials, and 5 of the 50% vials still left. This will help you zoom right past the other people in getting your next rank of PvP gear, whenever they decide to raise the rank higher than 8! ) - Also have a PvE DPS raiding set with 305 FOCUS. ( This is enough to DPS in Hammerknell also. ) I am able to pull over 1400+ DPS on single target bosses. But theres more - I have over 700 Plaques of Achievement and over 180 Marks of Ascencsion. This is enough to buy a full Raid Ready Tanking set for yourself if you wanted to do that, or even just boulster some stats for your PvE DPS set. I saved these on purpose so you could decide for yourself. - All but 2 factions are maxed out completely. Including the 3 hardest ones to max ( Mathos, Icewatch, Dragonslayers ) - 6 Epic Mounts all %110 speed, including the ones you get from Mathos, icewatch, dragonslayers, and even the rare drop Murdantix mount! - OVER 1400 Platinum. Yes, this isnt a typo. Fourteen Hunded! 1,400! - Full Mountainers Costume, and the rare Golem Helm Costume piece too. - 11 Pets - 33 Name Suffix's and 7 Name Prefix's - Tons of Artifact Sets completed, and if not completed, then extremely close to being completed. - 6/8 Bank Slots Purchased ( have never ran out of space to need to purchase the last 2 ) - TONS of runecrafting mats to craft runes for yourself and to make money. - 4/4 Drowned Halls Completed ( 10 man raid ) - 4/4 Guilded Proficy ( 10 man raid ) - 5/5 Greenscales Blight ( 20 man raid ) - 3/5 River of Souls ( 20 man raid ) - 21 SHARD FIRSTS! - 3825 Achievement Points! Side Notes: -This character is the most feared cleric on the server when it comes to PvP and dueling. I completely destroy in both duels, warfronts and even world pvp. People run from me in world PvP and its hard for me to find anyone that will even bother to duel me anymore. I have built a reputation for this character, and am completely respected not only by the Defiants, but also the Guardians. - I have 50+ screenshots of this character in warfronts coming out on top in both damage and heals. And a lot of em, second place doesnt even come close. I even have one screenshot of doing over 1Million 700Thousand Damage in a single Port Scion ( i have never seen anyone come even close to that. ) - This character has GURANTEED RAID SPOTS available every single time we have a raid because i am almost always the #1 healer in the raids. The Guild i am currently in trys to raid about 5 times a week when we have enough on and has some of the coolest people i have ever met ( this will only apply to you if you decide to stay on the server of course. ) ------------------------------------------------------------- #2 - LvL 50 Warrior - This character is a Female Eth Character on the DEFIANT side as well. This character is also fully available for transfer to any server. - Character is Rank 8 ( highest pvp level ) and has all the BEST pvp gear possible, including the trinket, source machine with all the best pvp essences. And i have all my gear enchanted with the best possible enchants for PvP. - This character was my storage character for all extra mats in case you ever decide you want to level up another profession, so she is stocked with materials! Side Notes: - This character was an ALT for me so i only decided to PvP on her and get her all the BEST PVP gear possible. She does not have any raiding gear, and never did much PvE. But since this character does have the best PvP gear possible, it would only take you half as much time as others to grind out your PvE gear as you are already extremely over geared for the Tier 1's and Tier 2's in which to do so. - She is a BEAST for single target damage and tears through casters in PvP. - Most people are already intimidated by the fact that they know this character is an alt to the first character mentioned, so it is hard to find duels with people and she is also extremely respected across the server. -------------------------------------------------------------- * I have screenshots to verify everything you have seen above, feel free to ask for them! * * I will still be playing this account up until it is sold, so anything you just read right now is what it was at as of October 12th. I will continue to make platinum on this account, along with getting plaques and materials so whatever you see above can only get BETTER!* If you have any questions at all regarding this account, feel free to leave me an e-mail regarding anything at all; payment options, character questions, ANYTHING! <> Looking to get $700 for it, but i am also willing to negotiate! <> * I reside in San Diego, California. If u would like to meet in person to make a deal! * Thank you!
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