WTS: 2 lvl 60s--Sin (israphel) Glad (Tiamat) 429k AP

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    Account Info Sin-Israphel: Weapons: 1. Noble Coliseum Champion's Brand w/ +5 attack manastones and silence godstone 2. +1 Noble Coliseum Champion's Poniard w/ +5 attack Manastones Wings: Glorious Black Cloud Wings Hat: Tiamatian Hat Necklace: Guardian Centurion's Garnet Necklace Earrings: 1. Mukusa's Corundum Earrings 2. Archon Squad Leader's Topaz Earrings Full Miragent's Set Chest: Divine Coliseum Champion's Jerkin w/ +3 attack Miragent's Jerkin with crit stike +12 Pants: Miragent's Breeches w/ attack +3 and Crit Strike +14 Shoes: Divine Coliseum Champion's Boots w/ crit strike +17 Miragent's Boots w/ Crit Strike +14,12 and attack +3 Shoulders: Miragent's Shoulderguards with attack +3 and crit strike +14 Hands: Miragent's Vambrace w/ crit strike +12 Rings: 1. Guardian Commander's Corundum Ring 2. Guardian Commander's Corundum Ring Belt: Guardian centurion's leather belt 122k ap after exchanges in core 2398 Crucible Insignias 78 Kahrun Symbols 201 Courage Insignias Has ninja emote Quickening Doom stigma in inventory Pets: speckled ailu pink mere worg of the dead HAS 2 LEVEL 100 ENCHANTMENT STONES WORTH 20 mil EACH (at time of post) Gladiator-Tiamat Weapons: +9 Sky Dragon Emperor's Polearm w/ silence godstone +3 flarestorm's sword Expert Drenium Sword Wings: Glorious Black Cloud Wings Head: Master Drenium Necklace: Guardian Centurion's Garnet Necklace Earrings: Guardian Primus Pilus's Corundum Earrings x2 Chest: Sublime Coliseum Champion's Breastplate w/ crit strike +17 L: +1 Jotun's Greaves with attack +3 and accuracy +20 Shoes: Gonon's Sabatons w/ accuracy +27 Hands: +2 Malika's Gauntlets Shoulders: Sublime Coliseum Champion's Shoulderplates w/ crit strike +17 Rings: Guardian Tribunus's Ruby Ring x2 Belt: Guardian Centurion's Leather Belt 429k AP after exchange at core 67k Crucible Insignia 2,253 Courage Insignia 31 Kahrun's Symbol 80 Opportunity Token Ravager's Shoulderplates Sure Strike Stigma Draining Sword Stigma Pets: Pink Merek Egg Worg of the Dead Speckled Ailu Pointytail Acarun Potbelly Inquin Has 27mil kinah _______________ I will be accepting offers for the account. If your offer is reasonable I may accept it on the spot. I am willing to sell this for a great price. If you want any other information just ask. Please email me at [email protected], or text me at 1(239)410-4108 . I may possibly trade, but preferably sell it. Please post here too, it is not a requirement but I would appreciate it.
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