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Discussion in 'Anarchy Online Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Anarchy, 9/30/13.

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    Hiya all quit the game few months ago and have been deciding if I was ever to play again, Decided no so now I will try and sell these accounts. Account #1 220/20+/70 Female Solitus Doctor (ACDC, Burden, Beast Pads, 300 Intelligent's, Dread Pistols, Biodome & Ofab Setup, President of Instanced QL 300 City with maxed out org bank 3.9 Bil, RBP, 1 billion credits + A Lot More) 220/20+/70 Female Solitus Soldier (ACDC, Burden, Beast Pads, 300 Intelligent's & 300 HD Leg And Foot, Dual Envy Setup but have Anger of the Xan in Bank to use if you wish, Full 300 CSS, Has all soldier Ofab if you choose to wear that instead in bank, RBP, IGocs x2, 1 billion credits) 220/20+/70 Female Solitus Engineer (ACDC, Burden, Beast Pads, 300 Intelligent's, DB Pistol + Troa'Ler Pistol Setup, Enhanced RBP, Igoc x2, Full 300 CSS, Engineer Ofab in bank got all parts but the ring, 1 billion credits) 4 more bank toons on this account each hold 1 billion credits making a total of 11 billion in credits on this account. Account #2 220/20+/70 Female Solitus Martial Artist (ACDC, Burden, Beast Pads, Full 300 CC, Igoc x2, RBP, Dual Shens, 300 Intelligent's, Has many items in inv to swap to such as notucomm, slippers of screaming, 1 billion credits + More) 210+/20+/68 Female Solitus Crat (70+ Points in S42 Bot for ACDC, Burden, Beast Pads, 240+ Symbs, 300 Intelligent's In Bank, Full 300 CSS Equipped, Dreadpistol and 250 Ofab Pistol, President of 300 Instanced City with 3.5b In Org Bank, 1 billion credits) 3 Bank Toons on this account all with 1 billion credits each for a total of 8.5 billion credits on this account. Every TL 7 on this account is fully updated ingame quest wise and has upgraded hhab, 2500 token boards (off/def), Every piece of DB Armor, There is just nothing to do with these toons besides pvp and farm credits, hence why i quit sheer boredom after 8 years playing. Crat & MA both have sunrise luxury apartments I rather sell both accounts in the same transaction however will sell separately, Don't have any price in mind but i'll take offers for a week and accept the best one. Will not take Paypal period too many people like to reverse payments, Will accept Western Union Money Orders/Transfers, Once payment is confirmed I will email the account logins to you, It is your responsibility to activate the accounts they are currently canceled.
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