WTS 2 High End Accounts with 3 chars (as a trinity)

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    Hello Guys, I don't have time to play as fanatically as I used to did because I have become a father. I tried to play more but it just doesn't work. Eve Online becomes quite a side dish once you have a family. So, I'll be selling three characters as a trinity. A 90+ million sheer PVP character, a 100+ mil capital/pvp/industrial character and a cyno pilot (20+ million SP). I'm selling this as a trinity because of the sheer mental value to me. It's all about he PVP character, with over 97% efficiency rating and last two alliances over 99% efficiency, you can join any elite PVP corporation you want. Just brag it's yours. I don't care once you bought it.. The PVP character flies any PVP-related Sub Cap with the right T2 guns (both long & short range). Not to mention it can fly any Recon and Logis. Anything sub cap! And Two types of Strategic Cruisers and offcourse all the drones. Oh, also trained Fleetcommander and the other leadership and supporting skills are all level 5. So that social part has been done as well. It also has perfect probing skills trained. With all this, this means that this PVP char has a very very low waste on non-pvp related items. Oh, of course, all specialized ships are at least at level 4 (most are 5) and so are the T2 guns. No nonsense level 1,2 or 3 ships on this account. PVP related modules too, al level 5 and some 4. The other character - 100+ mil cap pilot - gives you independence. It comes with a fully fitted carrier and a freighter and has JDC at level 5 offcourse. With so many SP you can imagine it did a lot of cross training, can fly lot of ships and use lot of T2 guns. Near perfect probing skills, good indie and mining skills, can fly two types of dreads with it's guns and siege, Fighters at level 5, can also fly Motherships, no problemo. Add the cyno pilot for max freedom to your arsenal. Like mentioned, the stats for the pew pilot are fantastic. The names of the characters are normal, not offending not ridiculous. Positive sec status (hunting below nul sec was always below my standards), no bounties, yadayada. The characters are waiting for you in easy reachable low sec near the carrier. The total wallet is over 600 million. It comes with 3 fitted faction battleships for easy ratting (dual box for insane income!), a Falcon and a Proteus (I use this to dual box whilst "solo" pvp-ing), and some other stuff. I did all this. I did this with heart and soul, FC'd and met most wonderful people out there and left very respectable characters behind. These two accounts will be transferred after the money has arrived on the bank (to prevent scams). If you want just one account then transfer the characters the way you want then give up one account. There's over 6 months of playing time left. Details are not disclosed to prevent detection of these characters. Contact me if you're interested. Greetings, ~G
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