WTS 2 Five Year Old Accounts with tons of rare items(Mando,DIK,Bio Crystals,resources

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    Selling my two five years old accounts (or just one, the items are mixed between the accounts, I should renew to transfer them to a single one). Ok on my main account I have: 2 CL 90 on Chimaera 1 CL 90 on Bloodfin 1 CL 90 on Starsider 1 CL 90 on Bria 1 Trader 90 on Bloodfin 1 Trader 90 on Starsider 1 Trader 90 on Farstar I was playing on Chimaera mostly, and my main is a Commando, frontman’s, grenadier, and juggernaut sets, block suit (bh armor), juggernaut suit with devastation mods (composite), Mandalorian Armor (all but gloves and belt) with +50 bonus health on each piece and BH mods, Mandalorian Crusader Armor Rebel full, standard buffs (mustafar ones, shards, retaliation, lair crystal), biological crystal +synapse crystal, commando HWs (cold flamethrower + battlefield cold weapon with devastation mods, and the other weapons from mustafar). Now, the items. I have most of the “reward” ships (eta, vaskai, etc), many TCG furnitures, a nice V-Wing from the TCG, a full 1st anniversary set of paintings, many rare paintings (all the paintings of the movies, including the 1st trilogy, taken with the buddy tokens collection), kashyyyk paintings, A Festive Gathering, Dusk in Kachiro (non RLS, original one), bombing event paintings, and many others (I was a collector). I have a stuffed rancor too, a Kimogila DNA ready to be used, a Lightbending BARC, the normal ROTW BARC, the GCW BARC, and other vehicles. I have 2-3 unbiolinked shards of retaliation, 2 unbiolinked Biological Crystals. On the other character, a BH, I have a Pod Racter (1st TCG set one). On SS I have a Commando, basic gear (block suit, frontman’s), and a boar wolf. I used this char just to hunt krayts. The trader is a Domestic, but has 3 suits (tailor, droid engineer, weaponsmith), many and many good resources (I was crafting BM stuff with this char, and other 2 crafters on the other account), and I have many lyases 11 pt and good 89%+ Isos . On Bloodfin, there’s a Medic and a DE(or another crafter), I don’t have many things here, almost no resources, and really basic equip (not even a suit and a jewelry set), but 3K of imperial restuss commendations. On Bria, same thing, lvl 90 medic with no gear and 30 M in the pocket. On Farstar, again just a crafter with no equip and 10 M. 2nd account. 1 CL 90 and Trader on Chimaera 1 Trader 90 on Chimaera 1 CL 90 on Bloodfin 1 Trader 90 on Bloodfin 2 Trader 90 on SS 1 lvl 5 char on Radiant, but with 40 M. Chimaera, lvl 90 Medic and crafter, basic equip. 2nd slot, a crafter with tons of uber resources. SS, the 2 other crafters I was using with the one on my main account to craft BM consumables/equip. The rest, basic characters with basic gear. Ok, as I said items are a bit mixed between the 2 accounts (especially the paintings and the tons of furnitures I have on Chimaera), anyway you’ve got an idea of what I have, many furnitures, tcg items, good equip, and it takes just 12$ to transfer them eventually. For tcg players, on the main account I have almost all the play cards 4x (almost, not including promo cards), and almost complete sets 4x of Tournament of Heroes promo cards. Some unclaimed TCG loot too. So, pm me with serious offers only, thanks.
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