WTS 2 EU VIP Lifetime Accounts + 1 Premium Account ( 1 2)

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    Invested a lot of time and money in these toons and loved playing the game but I have to let go as I am a Star Wars fanboy and I'm off to a Galaxy Far Far away! 1st - EU Lifetime Account L65 Elf Minstrel SMK Weaponsmith (SM other professions) L65 Man Champ SMK Tinker (SM other professions) L65 Man Burg All 3 have good gear but Champ and minstrel has best with mixture of DN/Moria/BG pieces Very good 2nd age weapons on all 3, with Minstrel having 1st age Weps crafting recipes. Loads of mats + gold. ROI Expansion included. R6 Reaver + R6 Warg with over 1000 dull/glim stones and 70g. Looking for $250 2nd - EU Lifetime Account L65 Man Champ (All legendaries) L65 Dwarf Mini (5/6 legendary) Plenty of work to do on both chars as I did not invest so much time into this account. ROI expansion not included. R5 Defiler also included. Looking for $150 EU Premium Account for sale - L65 Dwarf mini with Moria gear. No professions but has legendarys skills and traits at 10. Nice character to get your teeth into. Looking for $80
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