WTS: 2 AoC accounts. VETERAN account. IBIS sword. Every class 80!!! SET server

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    Hey everybody how's it going. I have been playing aoc for a few years now but am leaving for swtor. My loss is your gain though for sure. Veteran account with an empty slot on each account as well as close to 100 offline lvls to use. Also a fresh toon will have around 600-700 veteran tokens on the main account and around 400 on the 2nd account. U can get your chosen faction to rank 4 and buy armor right off the bat. Main account male conq...all t1-t2. IBIS 2H SWORD. he can tank t1-3. male sin mix of t1-2-brittle blade epics. 150g hox female mix of t1-2 scarlet circle epics demo male mostly t2 ranger male mostly t2 barb mostly t1 and tamarin tiger epics bs male all t2 minus chestpc tos male mix of t1-2 dt on wiccana with nothing special necro on set nothing special .................................................. ........... 2nd account necro with mix of t1-2 PRE 1.05 PATCH GUARDIAN. This male guardian will hold aggro over anyone. It's a glitch in the game of some sort and through the years people wonder wtf. and they cant get aggro from me. even when their covered in khitai epics lol. he has a mix of t1-2 and khitai blues. the rest of this account has every 80 class except sin and ranger. Some t1's but all are in culture gear and crafters. I didn't go into alot of detail and ask away with questions but there is just so much to list on my 2 accounts. both VET accounts, a pre 1.05 guardian who is a aggro holding freak, both accounts are paid for the next yr...hell the main account is paid till 2013 They all have swift horses and I haven't stripped them of anything since I'm leaving the game for swtor. Any one of the characters on the main account and/or necro/guard on 2nd account could be a main but instead you get every class in great gear on this one. Most have rank 3-4 in their respective best faction for khitai and various relics/etc. MY EMAIL IS DEREKMONTANA2005 @ YA HOO . CO M please try to reach me there. thank you. I WOULD BE WILLING TO TRADE FOR A GOOD SWTOR ACCOUNT PERHAPS.
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