WTS 2 AoC accounts, 3 level 80's Ton's of goodies

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    Looking to sell my two AoC accounts, Having been re-upped I wont be getting online to play them at all anymore so hoping to sell them to a good home. Accounts are both on a PvE server. Account #1- span>( A metric [censored]-ton of money in this game) Hes a capped out gemcrafter and can make any gem. Has 100's of level 70-75 gems banked and ready for cutting. Hes got a gemmed out player crafted shield and weapon too (level 75) Also comes with around 20 high end (level 70+) tradable blues for the the broker or twinking and has 5 tradable (72-76) Epic world drops for trading / twinking too. Of course he has a mount and extra bag space. Hes finished all his gathering quests and can gather any resource in the game with ease. Great toon and my main atm. (Currently spec'd for instances / raids although respec cost is minimal so could be an AoE grinder in a few mins) This account also comes with a 21 Demonoligist to play with without having to endure Tortage again. Account #2. span> on her (A huge amount) and aload of tradable blues for the broker. She's a Tier 5 Armorsmith and Weaponsmith (Awaiting a T3 city to progress to T6 in both trades) She has a full set of dungeon blues and more importantly a full set of level 75 player crafted blues, gemmed and ready to go. Her current player crafted set includes lots of reactive gems (Proc heals / invuns) and baseline Invuns. This crafted set allows her to farm high level mobs with ease for cash / gems / drops. (Set includes Player crafted rings / neck / cloak /etc) Shes got a ton of mats on her for production of player made weapons/armors and has a stack of rares in the bank for this reason. This account also has a span>on her iirc which again is an impressive amount. Shes my main raiding toon atm and is geared to do that job as a pure DPS'r. We've not been lucky enough to get Demo drops yet (so no T1 gear) but to be honest .. I've yet to see a T1 drop that I'd remove my gemmed armor for anyway. Great fun and impressive DPS. If your interested in either of these two accounts you can drop me a line at [email protected] and we'll talk. Thanks for reading !
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