WTS 2 Aion accounts - 55 Ranger and 55 SM + various other toons - Perento EU -

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    Both accounts are elyos. First account: 55 ranger as main: +13 sky dragon emperor bow fused with 50AP bow elite L40 AP set +15 chest and pants, +10 gloves, boots, pauldrons (all gear comes stoned with proper gold highest manastones ) Elite 55 AP necklace and earring, 55 gold AP belt, 50 AP rings 56k crucible insgnias and 5k courage ones on inventory. 50 platinum medals, various ap relics, 50m on gold, enchatment stones, etc on warehouse ( can provide SS of whatevers in if requested ) Alts: 55 cleric , 47 chanter Second account: 55 SM as main: +13 master darkwater tome fused with arena lvl 55 weapon conditioning effects 2 Full noble coliseum champion set (elite 55 PVP) with +10 tunic and leggings and +8 boots/gloves/pauldrons Elite 55 AP necklace, earrings and hat, 2 anurati elite rings. 3 SW pieces ( tunic, leggings, boots ) Full E40 AP set +10 on inventory 32k crucible insignias , 1,8k courage, 48 plat medals. Officer 2 star with 442k AP + 20 major ancient crowns and various other crowns/goblets 30 enchanment stones ( L80+ ones up to L99), 314 crit17 manastones, 554 mb27, tons of scrolls, other stones, and usefull stuff + 100m in gold Alts: 55 chanter, 55 glad, 41 assasin, 23 cleric, all decently geared. Both accounts come each with 2 gold pack packages. Taking offers on both accounts
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.