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    Due to RL kicking my arse, I'm getting rid of the sandbox/time sink! Account 1 - Looking in the region of $700 110mill SP Mainly Caldari. Can fly majority of all subcaps, Caldari T3 and Caldari Capitals. Account 2 - Looking for roughly $400-450 90mill SP - Amarr / Minmatar sub capital pilot. Can fly all Amarr and Minmatar ships upto T3's. Good leadership skills. Skillsheets are available upon request I am happy to speak with people privately through voice comms (i have a vent server). I do not really have any instant messengers and would feel better vocally communicating anyways. All personal info will be altered before sales. We will work with PAYPAL only, and all payments sent as GIFT (zero fees and cannot be undone afterwards or disputed) this is to cover my love you not giving away my love you and someone scewing me. I am paypal verified and i'd ike to see verified status. Once the agreed upon money is confirmed in my paypal (both of us verified accounts), i will then reset account password and email to something generic, and provide said login info to you.
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