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    hello i am here to sell my account because i got bored of League of Legends. First account: some information Summoner name PantCo Summoner level:30 Riot Points:185 (nothing special) IP:692(i am still playing) victories:302 Takedowns:8721 Monster and minions killed:49700 half of the champions owned many skins on many champions Full runes for katarina (Good for every mage) runes gives: ability power at level 18 :35 ability power:7.9 Magic pen:9.5 Skins owned: forsaken olaf jaximus vandal jax king tryndamere assasin master yi Commando jarvan iv viscero xin zhao mercenary katarina royal shaco toxin dr.mundo hot rod corcki Here is a photo showing owned chams. if you can't see photo just click here: imageshack.us/photo/my-images/851/63918755.png/ second account: Summoner name:Torondo summoner level:30 wins:453 takedowns:12980 minions killed:63781 half champions owned too no skins sry same runes as katarina runes for tank 22 armor and 25 magic resist at the beggining For more information or questions contact me on:p[email protected] or panos.63 P.S I am still playing..that means victories,etc may be more because i can't make updates every time Price 1st account : 10 euros by Paysafecard Price second account:10 euros by Paysafecard
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.