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    Selling a level 30 asmodian sorcer on Zikel, comes with 1600,000 kinah, collectors edition account, many titles, 1/4 to 31, has greens and 2 blues, lots of stuff in inventory to sell to bring kinah to around 300,000, have all info and serial code/unique account ID. Also selling a level 10 elyos cleric on siel on a diferent account, collectors edition, contains 5,000 kinah, accepted into best legion on server at higher level; legion name is fire, has stuff to sell to bring kinah to around 40,000, some titles including settler of aion, in greens and whites. I have all info for account including serial code/unique account ID. The level 30 sorceror has 2 months of playtime and the level 10 cleric has one month of playtime. The sorceror is female and the cleric is male. Please send offers and state whteher or not you are buying one account or the other, and in that case which account you are buying, or if you are buying both accounts, to yoperry003 on AIM. Buying both accounts will get a great deal. If you have a good amount of rep or are trust who verified I will go first, otherwise you are going first. Expect a phone conversation or text message for verification. Please post in this thread before contact with aim name. I WILL NOT RENT OR CONVERSE WITH PEOPLE WHO DO NOT HAVE A spamsite ACCOUNT! On contact I will give armory, I will not let people try out characters, but can show in game. Have a nice day!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.