[WTS] 2 Accounts Challenger 1/Diamond 4

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    Atm im selling 2 of my accounts, these are accounts I made for training when I was back in action, their current division is: Account 1) Challenger 1(East) Screen: mafia graves , vandal gragas , dark crystal ryze , cugin sona , midnight ahri ,frost queen janna , temple jax , cryocore brand , buccaneer tristana , lochness cho , vandal twitch, sheriff cait , siren cassiopeia , blade mistress morgana , prestigious leblanc , tango twisted , northern swain , explorer ezreal , infernal morde , assasin yi , glacial brolaf , foxfire ahri , unchained alistar , frankenstein annie , queen ashe , mythic cassio , mistletoe leblanc , cottontail teemo , tristana girl , vindicator vayne , Xmas miss fortune , wildfire zyra , nottingham ezreal Champions I DONT own: zac quinn nami draven hecarim fiora ziggs sejuani viktor volibear fizz xerath wukong leona karma renekton trundle akali zilean rammus Runes: E V E R Y T H I N G, ALL Tier 3 runes without exception This account on season 2 it had everything diamond 1, including Clan 5vs5, 3vs3 and Solo Q Banners DIAMOND, now at s3 its Challenger 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Account 2) Diamond 4 (WEST) Many skins Code: [Select] stinger akali nurse akali golden alistar matador alistar longhorn alistar unchained alistar emumu noxus hunter anivia hextech anivia reverse annie freljord ashe woad ashe amethyst ashe boom boom blitzcrank apocalyptic brand vandal brand sheriff caitlyn officer caitlyn siren cassiopeia mythic cassiopeia loch ness cho gath urfrider corki mr mundoverse shadow evelynn spectral fiddlesticks enchantred galio minuteman gangplank toy solider gankplank rugged garen hillibilly gragas hired gun graves jailbreak graves mafia graves riot graves nightblade irelia infiltrator irelia vandal jax traditional karma grim reaper karthus pre void kassadin harbinger kassadin bilgewater katarina high command katarina judgement kayle karate kennen lion dance kog maw deep sea kog maw wicked leblanc traditional lee sin acolyte lee sin dragon fist lee sin valkyrie leona spellthief leona glacial malphite vizier malzahar shadow prince malzahar overlord malzahar festive maokai ionia master yi samurai yi headhunter master yi road warrior miss fortune pentakill morderkaiser blademistress morgana dreadknight nasus french maid nidalee pharaox nidalee frozen terror nocturne void nocturne ravager nocturne haunting nocturne grungy nunu sewn chaos orianna full metal pantheon motlen rammus bloodfury renekton redeemed riven sabretusk sejuani mad hatter shaco royal shaco workshop shaco asylum shaco frozen shen ironscale shyvana boneclaw shyvana warmonger sion huntress sivir sandscourge skarner earthrune skarner renegade talon crimson elite talon dragonblade talon cottontail teemo super teemo guerilla tristana king tryndamere demonblade tryndamere tango twisted fate battlecast urgot blight crystal varus aristocrat vayne dragonslayer vayne veigar greybeard vandal vladimir blood lord vladimir feral warwick volcanik wukong jade dragon wukong viscero xin zhao pentakill yorick time machine zilean Runes: Almost everything champions not owned: syndra - nami - quinn Note: Im not offering any kind of elo boost because I have more than 5 months to play as I used to. For info about the accounts, PM here or make a reply here. The accounts info will be updated soon
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