WTS 2 accounts, 220fix, 220doc, 220shade, 220mp ++ much more

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    2 seperate accounts Account 1 220/28/69 fixer (opi), has top Ai armors, weapons, and alpha symbs, including the rare ql300 EoE eye symb. 220/15/50 doctor (trox), has top pvm gear, dual shen sticks, ai armors 220/25/70 shade (trox), has penultimate armors, top spirits, top weapons 150/10 advy (trox), sector 10 twink, dual chirops, evade armors/hp armors equipped 150/5 ma (trox), basically stripped besides nodrop items, was working on him being a tl5 twink at 170 24/2 trader (trox), tl2 twink Account 2 220/15/70 MP (soli), has top combined armors, shield mp setup with extremely high evades, top symbs 219/19/60 advy (soli), has nodrop armors, top weapons, top symbs, very fun pvp toon for duels 165/10 ma (opi), tl5 twink, has extremely rare nodrops including ql200 Glimmering Magnetic ring, Fly catcher specs, ++ much more (over 2 years of effort put into this twink) 170/10 enfo (trox), used to be tl5 twink, redid his setup to level him to 220, hes ready to go find inf teams right now. Neither account has creds on them, however each account has over 3b + in items, I will sell an additional 1.6b in creds for $75, You can have this added to either account if you so wish to. Please post serious offers here, I will not take less than $300 for either account, and each account is really worth a lot more than that, especially the 1st account. Send offers to [email protected] or leave a post here, thanks.
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