[WTS] 19 Million SP Core Caldari Focused Pilot ($150)

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    19.3M SP, INSANE core skills, Caldari-focused

    Bonus: As of this posting there is over 100 days left on the account, buy now to get maximum included play time!
    Character comes with alliance holding alt, alliance already set up! Yours to keep, sell, whatever!
    Set of +4 implants
    Sec Status: 0.15
    Electronics V
    Long Range Targeting V
    Signature Analysis V
    Energy Grid Upgrades V
    Energy Management V
    Energy Systems Operation V
    Engineering V
    Shield Management V
    Shield Operation V
    Shield Upgrades V
    Advanced Weapon Upgrades V
    Weapon Upgrades V
    Gunnery V
    Hull Upgrades V
    Mechanics V
    Cruise Missiles V
    Guided Missile Precision V
    Heavy Missile Specialization V
    Heavy Missiles V
    Missile Bombardment V
    Missile Launcher Operation V
    Missile Projection V
    Rapid Launch V
    Target Nav Prediction V
    Warhead Upgrades V
    Afterburner V
    Evasive Maneuvering V
    Navigation V
    Warp Drive Operation V
    Spaceship Command V
    And more! Talk about no wasted SP? Currently has 1 remap available, mappings are 21 32 21 25 21
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.