[WTS] 1600+ Solo 5v5 Rating account! lots of skins

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    Normal Games: 220+ wins, good ELO(+30 wins) Ranked Games : Solo 5v5 Rating : 1600+(GOLD) SEASON II Champions : Allistar Annie Ashe Cho'Gath(Nightmare Cho'Gath) Corki(UFO Corky) Gragas(Scuba Gragas) Graves Kayle(Judgement Kayle) Master Yi Nidalee(Pharaoh Nidalee) Orianna Ryze Shyvana Singed Sion Soraka Talon Teemo(Cottontail Teemo) Tristana(Riot Girl Tristana) Tryndamere Twitch(Vandal Twitch) Warwick(Firefang Warwick) Xerath Xin Zhao Runes : 3 Pages: 1 Page full(AD runes): Movespeed + 4,5% (Quintessences) Armor Pen. +15(Marks) Dodge +6.8(Seals) Magic Rezist +13(Glyphs) The account is on EU-NE but you can move it for free on EU-W, it has like 3000 IP and 0 RP. PM me if you need any details on the account.. IF YOU WANT TO BUY IT, PLEASE PM ME AND TELL ME THE PRICE YOU WOULD OFFER. Can some admin modify the WTB to WTS please?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.