WTS 16 Accounts, mainly indu, used for multiboxing not botting, sp range: 27m - 1,4m

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    [email protected], i want to get rid of all my Accounts, 'cause i got a victim of job and familiy I'll give you a short overview of my Accounts here and more details via pm or mail. As said above, there are 16 Accounts looking for a new home. All of them have positive wallet and sec stat and only one has a bounty of 1mil on his head without any reason (it was there when i logged in from a char i never heared of before). All of them had nearly no contact to other players (except for trading of course) and where in a corp founded by me and run by me. They are all except 2 raised as miners and that was what they did nearly every day. Char1: 27.270.000 sp - Mack/Hulk, Orca, Rorqual - perfect mining boost - 6,3mil sp droneskill - Wingcommander Char2: 19.369.000 sp - perfect Miner Mack/Hulk (29Lvl 5 Skills)- all t2 crystals - ice mining/gas harvesting 5 - Fenrir ready in 1h - Leadership5 Char3: 15.000.000 sp - allmost as perfect as Char2 Char4: 20.400.000 sp - great miner - prodder - Freighter/jumpfreighter/transport ships - perfect Noctispilot Char5: 12.000.000 sp - R&D - specialised on Crystals - used on armorrepfrig for ratting and missioning Char6: 19.800.000 sp - Missionrunner/ratter - Fenrirpilot (Fenrir still on acc) - Lokipilot - Macharielpilot - great scanner Char7-9: 5.700.000 sp - Miner - mining Barge 5, Exhumer 4 - shield/drone for high and low solomining Char10: 1.800.000 sp - Miner - Retriverpilot - Orca in 18d - leadership5 Char11-16: 1.300.000 / 1.400.000 sp - Miner mining Barge 4 (5in 13d) - Retriverpilots for highsec Chars 1,2,3,4,6 are also pi-skilled with command center upgrades/Interplanetary consolidation lvl4 and Remote sensing 3/4 On Accounts 1-9 is another char i wanted to use for a piratecorp to scare others away from my mining systems. But they have nearly no skills. just to fly a thrasher with standart pvp-fit. chars 1-9 are located in Null atm in capsules, ready to get out of there. Imps: Char 1 Miningforeman mindlink, learning imps Chars 2-4 Miningbonus +5%, learning imps Char 5 lower researchimps (cheap stuff) Char 6 armor and learning imps Char 7-9 don't know.. +3%mining max Char 10 +4 Char 11-16 none ISK: Char1 has 2,8bil - rest between 5k and 500mil Assets: None except Fenrir on Char 6 Gametime: All Accounts have gametime for at least 30days, char 1 60 Chars 1-9 are in my own corp atm and as said above located in null. I can get them out of there but i can't give any guaranty that their imps are still in when i'm done. getting them all out of that corp today. I made about 1,5 - 2bil isk with them in high per day combining mining, missioning, pi and r%d. It's definitely possible to make much more when mining in systems with lower sec or just doing more than i did. I created those accounts on different names and with different Emailadresses, to keep the option of selling them one time. Chars11-16 are even not personalized amt. Most of the Emailadresses come with the Account so the buyer doesn't need to change it. that's all i have to say for now. If you have any questions, write me a pm. I can send a skilltree for each of them of course. It would be great if someone takes all of them but i can sell them individually, too. I will take offers for individuals until sunday, april 14th and then sell them one by one (except i get a really good offer for one that i can't withstand). If i get a good offer for all of them at once until then, i'll sell them all at once. hope everybody understands what i mean Please be a bit patient when waiting for an answer, i have lot's of work to do atm and can't be on my pc all the time.
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