[WTS] 1550 elo on eune sick account almost all champs ip boosts over 300 euro spent on it!

Discussion in 'League of Legends Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by LoL, 9/28/13.

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    Hi guys im looking to sell my Lol account this is the list of the champs and skins i have! Ahri Akali-Blood moon akali Alistar-Longhorn Amumu-Emumu ANivia Annie-gothic ashe-sherwood Blitzcrank-Definetely not blitzcrank(no longer obtainable) BRand-Cryocore Caitlyn-safari caitlyn Chogath-LOchness Corki-urfrider mundo everlynn ezreal-Frosted ezreal Fiddlesticks-banditto Fizz Galio Gangplank-minuteman Garen Gragas-esquiate graves-hired fun heimerdinger irelia janna jarvan-darkforge jax-vandal karthus-pentakill kasadin katarina-high command kayle-battleborn kogmaw-the red one cant recall name lee sin-traditional,dragon fist lux malphite-marble malzahar maokai-christmas tree (no longer obtainable) master yi-Samurai miss fortune-mafia mordekaiser-lord morgana-evil succulence nasus-dreadknight nidalee-witch nidalee(No longer obtainable) nocturne-ravager orianna-sewn chaos riven(best champ)-Crimson elite,redeemed ryze - professor(no longer obtainable) shaco-asylum shyvana-ironclaw singed-mad scientist skarner-earthrune soraka swain talon-crimson elite taric teemo-(cottontail not longer obtainable) tristana-bucaneer trundle tryndamere-King tryndamere,demonblade Twisted fate-tango twitch udyr-primal vayne-dragonslayer veigar-leprechaun vladimir warwick-referal skin wukong xerath xin zhao-viscero yorick-undertaker zilean about 42000 RP on skins (without the bundles i bought!) + 3 rune pages +10k ip +1300 RP right now on account thats purely 240 euro on rp + i have done 3 transfers 2 renames + 2 bundles (so all this about 80 more) 320 euro spent on account 800 normals! about same wins as loses so about 400 each 500 ranked! Now im not looking to make back 100% of the money spent , let me know ur offers at sellingretri serious buyers only accepting paypal,paysafe cards,games on steam,i can also accept a preordered diablo 3 Thanks in advance
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.