[WTS] 1500+ Rated Acct. Buy your way out of Elo Hell! 88 Champs, 9 Rune Pages, Skins!

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    Tired of getting trolled in Ranked games by leavers and feeders? BUY YOUR WAY OUT! Let me help you.. I'd like to sell my League of Legends account as I found an MMO I plan on playing for the foreseeable future. The account is currently over 1500 rated, contains 88 champions, 9 rune pages detailed below, owns numerous skins, and has been active for a year and a half. I have over $400 invested in this account and would like to recover some of my investment on this gem. I do not expect to get anywhere near that on a sale, but please do not waste my time and your own with laughable offers. I'm poised to lower the price to sell this quick, so I am willing to negotiate price. Please, send me some offers! I can have it prepared for transfer very quickly. Paypal only please. Tier 3 Runes (FULL SETS) REDS: Armor Penetration, Magic Penetration, Attack Speed, Physical Damage YELLOWS: Flat Armor, Dodge, Mana Ragen / 5, Health Per Level BLUES: Flat Cooldown Reduction, Attack Speed, Ability Power Per Level, Magic Resist Per Level QUINTESSENCES: Physical Damage, Attack Speed, Gold Per 10, Armor Penetration, Flat Health, Magic Penetration, Flat Ability Power, Movement Speed Health Regeneration Per 5 Also, please note several instances of Positive Feedback from previous successful trades.
Thread Status:
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